Took this photo at Tesco. I was about to put baju Melayu for my younger kid but the guard came and shoo-ed us away.

Eleh, releks lah, saya cuma tolong Tesco buat promosi jualan Hari Raya. Bukan curi barang, toksah panik lah.

Anyway….I think we are farked. It is very close to Hari Raya and yet, the shopping malls aren’t very crowded.

The other day, I bought four chicken and asked the guy what is the maximum number of pieces I can get out of a chicken. He told me 18 pieces out of each chicken and I was calculating if I have enough pieces of chicken as I need 70 pieces.

So, this Malay man probably took pity on me. He must be thinking, “Kesian…nyonya ni.”

He grumbled to me, “Ayam pun mahal sangat sekarang ni.”

Another mak cik joined in and all three of us were complaining how chicken used to cost barely RM5 per kilogramme. Now, one chicken costs at least RM12.

Who fault is this? Pak Lah, lah! Go and increase the petrol price secara mendadak and now, everyone suffers because of him. The oil price has gone down but our food prices can never go down again. I pity those families from the lower income. How to have a good Raya when the cost of foods are so expensive?