Grandaunt 5xmom

I haven’t carry a few weeks old baby for five years already! So, this old mom has to remember and recall how to carry not one but two babies at one go. Ladies and gentlemen, I am proud to present to you, my grandnephew and grandniece.

On the   left is 6 weeks old Adriel who has his own Facebook account.  He is such an active little boy with inquisitive eyes that look attentitively at you when you talk to him.  He has lots of hair and look like his father, my nephew.


On the right is sweet, little Yen Ying who is 3 months old.  Her double eyelids are so prominent and I am sure she will be such a pretty girl.  A little bit botak but then, that’s how her mom, my niece was like when she was young.

And here is Uncle Matthew! Hahaha, he gets annoyed when I call him Uncle Matthew.

Next month, another baby is going to join the family when my other niece gives birth. My eldest sister has three grandkids within 3 months. Wuah, Chinese New Year will be fun next year.

From the look of my photo, you also can tell this grandaunt is terribly thrilled to meet the grandnephew and grandniece for the first time. (the last time I see Yen Ying was in the hospital when she was a newborn) OMG, the babies grew up so fast! And I have forgotten that 3 months old baby can coo and smile in response.

Gee, I wish I can have a baby girl too!

20 thoughts on “Grandaunt 5xmom

  1. Wah, Lilian you are lau ee oredi !! Sorry…. in Hokkien it’s ee poh … but Teochew it’s lau ee.

    Make sure you give big,big ang pows.

    The babies so cute lah ….. I want oso but alas factory close shop liau! So now I borrow from people and kiss kiss their babies.

    I sudah jadi ee poh, kor poh, sook meh por, kiew meh por, lau ee, lau kor etc….. Now I waiting for grandchildren of my own but none of my children want to get married yet.They say, ‘ You slowly wait lah,mummy’.

  2. I see uncle Matthew very jealous bo! It reminds me of my brother. He was an uncle when he was a year old. My sister was born two years after my niece. She was born as an aunty liao. haaha…

    Choonies last blog more PSAs soon

  3. Wah, you look so natural with the babies!

    And you are right, daughters are more fun, somehow baby girl smiles a lot! Boys are good when they are younger but once they get older, susah to control!

    But girls tend to stick to parents more, don’t know how true but seem to be this way for me lah.

    Still can “pok” what 5xmom…..maybe this time strick lottery(girl) leh..

  4. Hv seen ur sons and u. all terribly handsome and beautiful… hey! lilian where’s ur hubby???… never seen his pix leh… ur sons semua siang kah lu ae bin… so u said 2 me b4… lucky loh…hahaha!

    Eileen –
    Lilian would look at u thru the glass if u call her Auntie in public … she said that on her Mama Mia blog wor… so b careful otherwise she wont let u carry her babies leh…hahaha

  5. Penang Tionghua – LOL, Eileen is my REAL niece and auntie means koh-koh. So, she got exemption lah. My hubby? Got lah, his photo somewhere.

  6. You use ISO1600 camera…
    Thought u use ISA… when did u join smell smoke…hahaha

    Now, Eileen can yell Auntie Lilian at the peaks of Twin Towers!
    AUNTIE !!! … Cheers!!!

  7. wah Lilian,
    kiong-hee, kiong-hee lu, seng kip liau.
    ah neh may ni sin cia, kueh ni si kang,
    eng kai si cin lau jiat, hua hie si kang..

    wah kua lu eh sio eng, wa cin hua hie..
    eh lau bak ewe.. ing wui wa sio tiok..
    wa chua bo hie jit, uh hip tiok sio eng..
    jit tio sio eng, go tai eh lang (5 gen)..

    wa kin meh beh kun liau..
    sio ai tui kampung kueh nee…
    kua ah kong ah mah,
    kua ah pek ah mm….

  8. Baby when botak when small never mind one. I also botak one when I was a baby. Bila besar nanti rambut tumbuh super lebat lebat one! 🙂

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