I haven’t carry a few weeks old baby for five years already! So, this old mom has to remember and recall how to carry not one but two babies at one go. Ladies and gentlemen, I am proud to present to you, my grandnephew and grandniece.

On the   left is 6 weeks old Adriel who has his own Facebook account.  He is such an active little boy with inquisitive eyes that look attentitively at you when you talk to him.  He has lots of hair and look like his father, my nephew.


On the right is sweet, little Yen Ying who is 3 months old.  Her double eyelids are so prominent and I am sure she will be such a pretty girl.  A little bit botak but then, that’s how her mom, my niece was like when she was young.

And here is Uncle Matthew! Hahaha, he gets annoyed when I call him Uncle Matthew.

Next month, another baby is going to join the family when my other niece gives birth. My eldest sister has three grandkids within 3 months. Wuah, Chinese New Year will be fun next year.

From the look of my photo, you also can tell this grandaunt is terribly thrilled to meet the grandnephew and grandniece for the first time. (the last time I see Yen Ying was in the hospital when she was a newborn) OMG, the babies grew up so fast! And I have forgotten that 3 months old baby can coo and smile in response.

Gee, I wish I can have a baby girl too!