Who else is going for Mamma Mia! tonight?

(songs from Mamma Mia! The Movie)

I know of at least 30 others. 😉 What about you? Are you Penang bloggers going for the sponsored premier screening tonight at GSC, Gurney Plaza? Nuffnangers get free tickets.

You know…when you are my age, you tend to get sensitive about songs from ‘your era’. Actually, Abba is NOT my era but my older sisters. Remember that hor, if you meet me at GSC, don’t go call me auntie loud-loud, I sure pretend didn’t hear you and look through you like you are made of glass. Bwahaha…

I just recalled this conversation with this chap on Saturday. He is the guy who is doing the church renovation or something and he was lepak-ing around. He speaks English mixed with Hokkien and he seems so eager to know about the Roman Catholic church. He told a few of us that he likes Elvis Presley and Elvis is a Roman Catholic. Fr Fab went, “Oh, really?” After that, he rattled off a string of singers name like Elton John and Cliff Richard. He insisted Cliff Richard and Elton John are Roman Catholics too. I was laughing inside for obvious reasons.

Then, after he was high on quoting the names of all the singers and all the oldies song titles, he asked me if I know Johnny Tillotson, Andy Williams and Frank Sinatra. That’s when I went, “Whoaaaa….wait a minute, I know the songs but I am not that old lah.”

See? I super sensitive with this age factor. Touchy touchy.

Anyway, I hope I enjoy the movie like I did with Hairspray. Hairspray was the last musical I watched.

9 thoughts on “Who else is going for Mamma Mia! tonight?

  1. I would call Lilian my sister… after all, we share the same surname and faith… LOL!

    Too bad, today I:
    1. Work
    2. Give tuition
    3. Got cantor practice

    So, cannot really enjoy the Nuffnang goodies… awwwww…

    David C.s last blog post..It’s Not Over Yet

  2. walio! penang nuffnanggers should take the oppurtunity to attend this free event, if not, later no more for movie as low response!

    Big Boys Ovens last blog post..

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