You mean nobody gives a toot to Ng Yen Yen’s proposal to make me into a HOME MANAGER? *sniffs*

Shall I say I am so elated? Ng Yen Yen has just elevated me to a potential HOME MANAGER. And she says, she is spending RM10MILLLION of YOUR MONEY to train 1,000 people.

She said a RM10mil grant had been allocated by the Finance Ministry for the training programme, which was expected to benefit some 1,000 people.

My maths is bad but my MAC’s is good. I divided 10,000,000 by 1,000 and that means RM10K to train a person into a maid! Can you farking believe how generous our gomen is? OMG, saya bangga saya anak Malaysia, NOT!

Dr Ng said home managers would assist in housekeeping and other domestic errands, such as paying household bills and buying groceries.

“They should be seen as trained professionals, and not domestic servants,” she said.

And I got to say, Pundek lu, CCBNYY. With your kind of reasonings to solve problems, I think I can be a better politician than you.

Full news on The Star

Note that I am not looking down at maids. I am actually looking up at maids, so that’s why I never hire one.

15 thoughts on “You mean nobody gives a toot to Ng Yen Yen’s proposal to make me into a HOME MANAGER? *sniffs*

  1. Lilian u r rite – this is really CCBNYY. What sort of innovation is this to family life. It means higher pay loh.. MANYZER.. so said Ah Hui in the Singapore film, “Money Not Enough II”

    At least siau long ni… not so lonely to Ah Hui…

  2. Ng Yen Yen must think that all Malaysians are rich and can afford higher. It’s no difference than hiring a foreign maid after all – with a higher price!!

    Ng must mean we hire a professional homemaker to take care of households is it? We can’t afford so they ended up as unemployed professionals (because there’s no market for them?) What a laughing stock MAN!!!!

    boon khengs last blog post..Rewrite Our Sejarah syllabus!

  3. Whenever NYY said something, I am reminded of this quote by Abraham Lincoln:

    “Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak out and remove all doubt.”

  4. Seriously, I wonder if she or her ministry did any survey on public’s acceptance of Home Managers in place of maids. Or she is reminiscing those days in the past where you have an elder woman in a family taking care of all the nitty gritties of daily living in the home…

  5. Aiyo Lilian, their maths not like tat wan lah! RM10,000,000 TAKE AWAY xxx then only divided by 1000. So it doesn’t mean RM10K to train a home manager. She only says benefit 1000 people, not how much per person or who are the people. Very clever ler…….

  6. walio! CCBNYY gonna train home managers at RM10,000 satu kepala!!! This is a rape of public money!!!!! Certified problems also not that expensive! gila kah?

    Big Boys Ovens last blog post..

  7. BBO – Yalor, I don’t know what kok she is proposing, really. It like she is not connected to the world and why women must hire maids. And as if she never heard of online payment of bills wor….

    Domino – She thinks she is the saviour of women lah, give them manager title. Ptui.

    pablo – Maybe she foresee all the factories, all the malls and all the labour intensive industries closing down, leaving many women free to become ammahs leh?

    sonic – Ya. Sebijik semaciam hamik ahbah.

    bryan – Dun pway-pway, I go become home manager liao, I don’t want to webhosting wif yew liao. Hahaha.

    boon kheng – Yalor, like people all kaya enuff to hire butlers like her.

    penang tionghua – It is a clear sign she is not in touch with what is wrong with our country.

  8. I m confused who is the champ of women. CCBNYY or the woman who lost in GE?

    Prices all up, now MANYZER pulak, lagi up… only siau-long-ni can put it down!

    Why not declare like the ex-ceo of oversea trade and her successor, “I m not a hypocrite!”

  9. M’sia got alot of money no where to spend d izit ?? Now economic not stabil, recession is on the way.. and yet the goverment can afford to pay RM10million just to train someone to be come “high class maid’ ?? prob is : after they grad.. who wann to hire them ??? salary of course will be 10times higher than those i right ?? So conclusions : ITS WASTE OF MONEY !!! the citizens work damn hard.. pay tax to the goverment and this is how they spent the money – on something is really useless ???

    amandas last blog is blind ???

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