Shall I say I am so elated? Ng Yen Yen has just elevated me to a potential HOME MANAGER. And she says, she is spending RM10MILLLION of YOUR MONEY to train 1,000 people.

She said a RM10mil grant had been allocated by the Finance Ministry for the training programme, which was expected to benefit some 1,000 people.

My maths is bad but my MAC’s is good. I divided 10,000,000 by 1,000 and that means RM10K to train a person into a maid! Can you farking believe how generous our gomen is? OMG, saya bangga saya anak Malaysia, NOT!

Dr Ng said home managers would assist in housekeeping and other domestic errands, such as paying household bills and buying groceries.

“They should be seen as trained professionals, and not domestic servants,” she said.

And I got to say, Pundek lu, CCBNYY. With your kind of reasonings to solve problems, I think I can be a better politician than you.

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Note that I am not looking down at maids. I am actually looking up at maids, so that’s why I never hire one.