This is where bloggers make the mandatory review of the movie they watched.

Now, let me confess, I never like Abba’s songs. I found them too ‘clingy’. You know…you heard it once, the freaking tune just won’t get out of your brain. Back then, my second sister loved it. So, I was tortured with Abba’s song since young. I hate it!

But, put the songs together with the most awesome Mediterranean island, some spontaneous acting, Pierce Brosnan (drools) and let the songs sung by ‘normal’ voices like Meryl Streep, you get a dot dot dot good show.

However, Penang bloggers seem rather subdued. I am not sure what’s wrong but they are all really quiet. I don’t see many cameras flashing like normal bloggers’ meet.


Two of Nuffnang staffs were there to hand out the tickets. Tim2 and Heng.


My two younger kids posing the mandatory photo by the poster. I met Jolene and we took some pics but alamak, I look like a protester in my anti-ISA t-shirt. I didn’t bring my good camera along and all the pics are blurry. *sigh*


So, bring your parents to watch Mamma Mia. And ask your mom about her dot dot dot stories, if you dare!


*My jaw hurts for days already. Not sure why but it seems like there is some inflammation on the joints on the right side. Cannot even chew foods with my molars, only can bite with incisors. Kanasai, at nights swallow saliva also must be careful or else the pain is excruciating. However, I am not sure what doctor to see. Normal MD I fai-si entertain ‘cos most probably they will give me painkiller and anti-inflammation. See orthopedic, nanti kena slaughter. Ask dentist (cos my teeth are like not aligned now), also kena slaughter. I said wait until I cannot open or close my jaws baru I will get my arse to the doctor. So, grumpy, grouchy, PMS-ing now.