Mamma Mia! The Movie was dot dot dot good

This is where bloggers make the mandatory review of the movie they watched.

Now, let me confess, I never like Abba’s songs. I found them too ‘clingy’. You know…you heard it once, the freaking tune just won’t get out of your brain. Back then, my second sister loved it. So, I was tortured with Abba’s song since young. I hate it!

But, put the songs together with the most awesome Mediterranean island, some spontaneous acting, Pierce Brosnan (drools) and let the songs sung by ‘normal’ voices like Meryl Streep, you get a dot dot dot good show.

However, Penang bloggers seem rather subdued. I am not sure what’s wrong but they are all really quiet. I don’t see many cameras flashing like normal bloggers’ meet.


Two of Nuffnang staffs were there to hand out the tickets. Tim2 and Heng.


My two younger kids posing the mandatory photo by the poster. I met Jolene and we took some pics but alamak, I look like a protester in my anti-ISA t-shirt. I didn’t bring my good camera along and all the pics are blurry. *sigh*


So, bring your parents to watch Mamma Mia. And ask your mom about her dot dot dot stories, if you dare!


*My jaw hurts for days already. Not sure why but it seems like there is some inflammation on the joints on the right side. Cannot even chew foods with my molars, only can bite with incisors. Kanasai, at nights swallow saliva also must be careful or else the pain is excruciating. However, I am not sure what doctor to see. Normal MD I fai-si entertain ‘cos most probably they will give me painkiller and anti-inflammation. See orthopedic, nanti kena slaughter. Ask dentist (cos my teeth are like not aligned now), also kena slaughter. I said wait until I cannot open or close my jaws baru I will get my arse to the doctor. So, grumpy, grouchy, PMS-ing now.

22 thoughts on “Mamma Mia! The Movie was dot dot dot good

  1. I want to watch Mamma Mia. Watched the shot in cinema when I went to watch Money No Enough II. Very funny and I will remember to watch it later.

    Poor you… I have the same situation like you before. Go any doctor sure kena slaughter. A lot of people are telling me to seek medical advice from the garmen’s doctors. The medicine is good and very expensive. But i worry about the low quality of doctors there. hihihi… But they don’t slaughter and they simply give us many medicines just to over charge us.

    Drink plenty of water and ta da ta da… which you don’t want to hear and I know you should know what to do. No need to waste my saliva la… See more great posts from you soon.

  2. kei po sikit here. do you think you may have a tonsil infection? I had one bad one during chinese new year.. my whole jaw was in pain for over a week .. couldnt chew, swallow also painful. took antibiotic at the end and it healed. by the way.. i went to see my gynae becos i was pregnant then.

  3. Yay! I’m watching it next week (but gotta pay… :-()

    I think I’m gonna watch the musical in KL end of this year (after Christmas). πŸ™‚

    Hmm… Lilian, have you tried Sensodyne F? Might help if it is gum sensitivity. But if it is because of decayed tooth (like what I had last time), forget about kena slaughtered and quickly get it out lor…

    David C.s last blog post..It’s Not Over Yet

  4. hey there.. i thought i just watched the movie and *poof* u have already posted in your blog.
    Yeah, why were the nuffnangers so extremely quiet than the usual cinema crowd?
    and i salute you for the t-shirt you wore last nite!

  5. Wei…go see a doctor already could be your tonsils you know. Or maybe your wisdom tooth infected and have to be removed? I not doctor but I have the exact same symptoms last time…end up it’s because my wisdom tooth senget and infected so had to do minor surgery to remove it after the dentist gave me some medication to reduce the swelling.

    That’s why now I am no longer so wise….heheheheheh…

    Foongs last blog post..It’s robbery season and the police are too busy with something else

  6. haha mo man tai Lilian, the photo of you and me very nice..and you didn’t close your eyes.:) I’ll upload it soon!


    You come to my uni, …I’ll diagnose your condition and then pass you on to my lecturers for treatment.

    No need money. We need patients. πŸ™

  7. Have not been to the cinemas for a long time (ever since they invented ‘ORGIRINAL’ DVDs I think…kekeke!) but dragging my old lazy bones for a trip to GSC last night was worth it! I thoroughly enjoyed the show and was so tempted to sing along macam karaoke like that..LOL!

  8. I did not go but my mum, sis and her bf went. My mum enjoyed herself a lot. =)) So cute la ur two kids. I was in uni so aiya, ma fan la travel here and there, plus not enough tickets. XD

  9. maine – Of course! I couldn’t recall your URL and glad you drop by. πŸ™‚

    ping ping – it was full house that night so everyone rushing to go in and ‘jom’ place.

    diese – Hahaha, i wear ISA t-shirt, no one dares go near. Later they come sapu bloggers anti ISA, sapu whoever stand near me, susah. πŸ˜›

    slh – Gurney GSC

    simon – Chey, my kids no need to ask me lah, they all so big liao. The youngest one will not get the joke so he wasn’t watching much.

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