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Hahahaha Malaysians are gonna be screwed with recession, hahaha – laffs the PM and DPM?

najib and pak lah

Like they said, a picture paints a thousand words.

So, what does the title of the news “Be ready for a recession”

and the two laughing Prime Minister of Malaysia Pak Lah and Deputy Prime Minister of Malaysia Najib says to you?

PM : Hahaha mampui hang, aku dah tak peduli, aku dah basuh tangan. Lantak pi, recession kah, tak recession kah….tak kena mengena dengan aku.

DPM : Eleh….recession kah, tak recession kah, asalkan pipi aku gebu merah jambu, bibir ku merah bagai delima merekah…..aku releks, brader.

22 Responses to “Hahahaha Malaysians are gonna be screwed with recession, hahaha – laffs the PM and DPM?”

  1. Such a bad pic for the title. As if recession means nothing to them!

  2. Of course-lah, they are well-cushioned already. Recession tak recession pun tak rasa lah! Pocket paah paah liau……….

  3. Feel like slaping someone… no, sometwo

  4. You caught them with their pants down! (Not that there’s anything to look at, huh?).
    Another flip-flop announcement. Just last week the Finance Minister week said that the ISA detentions (of reporter, MP and RPK) will have no effect on the economy.
    And now our ding-dong PM say rakyat better take care of your own a** cause in facing the recession you got to do some selling a**!

  5. o, the 3 stooges again ah…….

  6. Damnit woman!

    You got a really good piece there! And great dialogue too!

  7. of course happy lah, now got “official” reason to declare even more losses for GLCs, ministries, etc. everyone can eat full full already.

  8. erm… since they know that recession is on the way, but how come still wants to fork out RM10 million just to train local ppl to become “high class maid” …. hum.. they got think b4 say or not ar ?

  9. Their expressions tell you that if you ask them “what’s recession?”, they’ll probably ask you back “can eat wan ah?”.

  10. What recession? We in UMNO members have billions in our Swiss account so why worry about recession. Anyway why worry about the rakyaat let them suffer for allowing the opposition to take away five states. They deserve to suffer while we in UMNO can enjoy with our ill gotten money and celebrate Raya very grandly.

  11. and what did they feed us all these while? malaysian economy is strong !! and now this… wtf…

  12. in the picture:

    badawi: minyak naik sikit jer korang dah kecoh

    najib: ISA sikit jer korang dah kecoh

  13. If recession is here then we must be more careful coz robbery, theft, burglary, kidnapping etc etc will be on the rise.

    According to DSAI, RM125billion left our country this year itself and we are not quite finish the year yet. That is a lot of money that have been pulled out and basically this means the money circulating in our country are short by that amount……

    Actually, no thanks to Ding and Dong(lah lah and mongolia), I don’t think Malaysia is ready for this recession, can you imagine power house like USA and European nations are having a hard time tackling local issues, what can Ding Dong do? Asked Dong’s 4th floor advisors again? Mati lah!!

  14. Oh dear… the editors of the Star will need to be ultra-cautious with their Titles and Picture placement from now on.

  15. There are 2 popular phrases now being used:

    1) I am not a hypocrite!
    2) What have I done wrong?

  16. “Ha ha Ha I’ve made plenty of money out of you suckers! well go ahead and vote for opposition and you deserve what you get!” These two seem to be laughting.

  17. is that how they see the coming recession ? … hope they will be thrown-out of office, sooner rather later

  18. Muhiddin (grinning to himself); “Keep on laughing, you 2 buffoons. When I become PM, you will not be laughing anymore”

  19. seejeh pinjam pikture can?

  20. si heng – tark tark, anything for my si heng. 😛

  21. Yeah…what a terrible pic for such a serious topic! Guess they are all laughing their way to the bank as they’re not concerned about the average Malaysian?

    In any economic situation, there are always gainers and losers. No prizes for guessing who will gain and who will lose here.

  22. seejeh….i take 1 of your pic for my latest updated….k