Happy birthday to whoever, whatever, wherever, however, whenever

It’s September 24th.

Happy birthday to Doc C. And happy birthday again. (LOL, when you don’t get to celebrate the birthday you want (my son’s), you tend to get obsessed with others’ birthdays)

Happy birthday, son. It has been seven years. But still….it sucks, it robs me off my normal self, it makes me want to eat tomyam, it makes me angry with God, it makes me pissed with every unimportant things people whine, it makes me want to rip off the balls from those armno morons who think our country revolves around their whatever-annual-voting, it makes me want to crush the nutz of the baldy, it makes me dream of Tian Chua for no particular reason other than he comes to my house and brought a PKR membership form and asked me to join PKR (doh), it makes me feel alive that I can feel many types of feelings all at one shot, it makes me laughed till I pee-d in my pants watching Love Guru (well, not really, it wasn’t funny at all), it makes me played Word Challenge continuously for hours, it makes me hate writing paid posts, it distracts me from caring whether Google Adsense has paid so that I can fast-fast cash out at high USD exchange rate, it just sucks that you were born but you never celebrate even your first birthday with us.

Happy birthday to everyone else who celebrates their birthday today.

*sigh* Chotto matte kudasai (no, it doesn’t mean kuda pangsai in Japanese!)

??????????? This is supposed to be Japanese words but my fonts koyak ledi Please excuse me while I cry


And I am so, so, so super-duper eye-glazed over the CM who cried with his people.

(actually my original post only has three lines but nothing like blogging to make myself laugh)

5 thoughts on “Happy birthday to whoever, whatever, wherever, however, whenever

  1. Today, my daugter is one year old.

    I lost a son too 2 years ago (1/4/06). He was 8 then. And the sadness never go away.

    God replaced him with a baby girl on 24 Sep 2007.

    Thats life, its not us to decide. All belong to the Almighty.

  2. {Hug} {Hug} Says silent prayer to all bereaved parents. May you have the courage to face life one day at a time.

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