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Jom kita pergi perhimpunan aman ‘Gerakan Mansuhkan ISA’ kat Penang.



Kat mana? – Depan Dewan Sri Pinang

Pukul berapa? – 9.30 malam. Tapi sampai awal sebab biasanya, kawan-kawan kita dari PDRM tak bagi banyak masa untuk berkumpul. Start api aje, depa mai bawa spotlight dah. Potong stim betul. Eh, nak romantik sikit, berdiri bawah cahaya bulan, pegang lilin, nyanyi sikit, pun tak boleh, bang?


Bawa apa? – Bawa kamera kah, bawa lampu suluh kah, bawa girlfriend kah, tak bawa apa pun tak apa. Tak semestinya pegang lilin kalau tak biasa.

Tujuan? – Berkumpul, bagi nyamuk hisap darah.


Serius, tak bahaya kah? Nanti kena water canon?

Jangan takut, ini perhimpunan aman. Kita cuma pergi nyanyi lagu ‘Bangun pagi, gosok gigi, cuci muka, muka lah lah’. Lagi pun, negeri Pulau Pinang menyokong pemansuhan ISA. Ketua Menteri Pulau Pinang, Lim Guan Eng yang pernah menjalani penahanan ISA berkata, ” “I myself will move a private members bill in Parliament for the abolition of the ISA, for its repeal,” said Guan Eng to cheers from the audience.

“And then we will see which leaders of Barisan Nasional will practice what they preach and who speak with forked tongue,” said Guan Eng, who was himself detained in 1987 at the Kamunting Prison where ISA detainees are usually held.” (malaysiakini – Ex-detainee lays out roadmap to bury ISA)

Cam na? Setuju? OK? Jumpa kat sana!

Suaram official website is not available but you can access their blogspot here. I will email Lau Shu Shi and ask her to bring some anti-ISA t-shirts to sell.

18 thoughts on “Jom pergi perhimpunan aman ‘Gerakan Mansuhkan ISA’ kat Penang – malaysiakini

  1. I am ready!! Got the candles, tshirt, badges… wow eveready lah!

    I am attending the freedom fest first (then go to Dewan Sri at 9pm). It is starting on this Friday and will be on till Sunday.

    Jom pi! Jom pi! I no takut. I like curry rice.

    BTW, the yellow ribbon still tied on my car!

  2. Yeah, I was wondering whether where to buy the anti-ISA badge and T-shirt. The vigil I attended at Dewan Sri and Gurney Drive I ask most of them wearing them they say need to be bought or something. By any chances that you know?

  3. Eric, I bought mine at the vigil last Friday at the Dewan Sri. I am sure they would be selling them again tomorrow. RM15 only.

    My badge is a different one that says, ‘I.S.A Tahan tanpa bicara Kejam!!’
    Different wording but I think same message.

    If you can’t get the badge tomorrow, I give you one. I have two lah.

  4. Hahah.
    Thats kind of you. But I intend to buy a few for my friends as well.
    Woah. RM15 is expensive hor? But when it comes to this thing should be okay lah. Thanks anyways. ^^

  5. Momo – I got for RM20 worrrr. Hehehe, nvm, all for a good cause. I have gone to the freedomfilmfest liao lor. Wawasan U great for photos lah. Hahaha, I spend more time taking pictures outside than watching the films. (cos my anak kacau so I don’t want to stay too long, later kacau others)

  6. Momo,
    hahahaha. you really freak me out man.
    RM15 for da badge…

    Lillian, your ISA t-shirt you print yourself wan right? That day I say you at Gurney Drive you wore the t-shirt where they have your url as an extra de.

    I wanted really much to go to the ISA gathering but too bad I had a dinner at my school in SXI so its very near, wanted to ask my friends to join me and walk there but they say ‘aiyah, nothing else to do ah?’ haha. i’ll protest next week.

  7. Eric, they sell the badges tonight at the vigil oso. RM1 each only.Buy it next week lah! Badges oso on sale at the freedom film fest.

    Regarding Lilian’s tshirt, she herself keah liao one….

  8. Vincent – Do write to Suaram and ask them? Maybe if you buy several, they don’t mind pos laju to you. Google up Suaram and I found this contact in KL.

    433A • jalan 5/46 • taman gasing indah • 46000 petaling jaya • selangor • malaysia
    telephone: +60 3 7784 3525 • facsimile: +60 3 7784 3526 • e-mail:

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