** Malaysiakini has refused to issue this statement on their newsportal and hence, I was asked to help publish this.

The Persatuan Teloq-teloq today convened a Majlis Tertinggi Teloq meeting and wish to voice their egg-treme unhappiness with Teresa for insulting eggs.

Their spokesperson, Eggs-co member Hamik Kaynui (photo inset) wishes to egg-press their utter unhappiness that Teresa said teloqs are like dog food. They felt insulted and egg-stremely disgusted with this comparison. The members of the Persatuan Teloq-teloq wish to remind Teresa that they will instruct their Youth members to make report against Teresa because eggs are “essential food of the underprivileged.”

Next, eggs are eggs-tremely similar to bald men and by insulting eggs, Teresa also insulted bald men in general.

I look like Hamid Albar, I stinks like Hamid  but I am not Hamid, I am Hamik Kaynui

I look like Hamid , I stink like Hamid but I am not Hamid , I am Hamik Kaynui

Hamik Kaynui also insisted that eggs “met international standards”. Hamik demanded Teresa to egg-pologise to all eggs in the country and in the world or else the eggs will hold peaceful candlelight vigils and refuses to co-operate to rise to become fluffy bahulu this Raya.

Big Bird also whispered to this blog owner’s ears that a gang of egg-rempit will attempt to remain un-bath for weeks and become rotten eggs and launch themselves on Teresa if she failed to issue a full page apology in all the major BN run newspapers like Utusan, NST dan lain-lain.

Hamik Kaynui also sent a video of their national egg song and hope everyone will learn to sing it.

You can find the egg song on Youtube (they don’t allow embedding)

(hamik means what in Hokkien, kaynui is egg and no, I am NOT talking about Teresa Kok and the Syed Hamid Albar eggs debate. Any similarity is unintentional, ok? If the Hamik Kaynui’s face resembles anyone dead, alive or comatose, is also coincident, wokaaaayyyy? And yes, to all the vegans out there, a poor egg which has the potential to become a live chicken that will lay more eggs has been sacrificed in making this post.)

On unrelated matter, Teresa Kok has admitted that she shouldn’t have used Makanan Anjing (malaysiakini).

Many hours later……

Hamik Kaynui has ended up in mee Maggi kari letup, flavoured with extra garam masala, burrrpp..RIP Hamik Kaynui.

hamik kaynui kari letup