Can the Malaysian Government take the criticisms on Perez Hilton’s blog about RPK? (plus Malaysiakini Silencing of RPK)

**There’s an article Silencing RPK at all cost on Malaysiakini that you may want to read if you do not know who RPK is.

Before I proceed, let me ‘educate’ my readers a bit about Perez Hilton. No, Perez Hilton is not Paris Hilton’s twin. Perez is a guy. He is very, very, very famous as a celebrity gossip blogger who has shitloads of fans. Last year, he won The Most Obnoxious Blogger award from Bloggers’ Choice Award and your very own Obnoxious 5xmom was in second place. *thunderous applause and standing ovation for me puhleez* Just in case you do not know how my obnoxious tagline came from….

Well….Perez writes about every nasty things he can find. Cellulite on female celebrities thighs, Britney Spear exposed, Amy Winehouse hideous teeth and ugly scenes like that. People love his blog because they get to bitch.

And tadaaaa…our dear Obnoxious Celebrity Blogger just take on Malaysia. He talked about RPK’s detention. His post is very mild….

A controversial Malaysian blogger named Raja Petra Kamaruddin has been detained for criticizing the Malaysian government and ‘insulting’ Islam.

And, as if that weren’t troubling enough, the blogger is going to be locked up – without a trial – for TWO YEARS!

But not the comments. Now, can the Government of Malaysia take those nasty comments? What can they do? Sue Perez and his blog commentors? Slap them with ISA? What?

Tell me?

(tak ada apa beb, cuma terong dengan teloq besaq aje, murah kat Tesco)

In our country where the youth wing of political party went to the police station to make a police report about a fellow politician insulting an egg, I wickedly feel so happy that Perez blogged about us. We deserve it. Fark man, whoever heard of people insulting an egg? We are the laughing stock of the whole fucking world, dear Malaysian leaders. Please save us all from this embarrassment. We have enough of your circus.

(ini muka menyampah, meluat, bosan)

Please tell UMNO that our world does not revolve around their MT meeting. (count the number of news on UMNO meetings on Malaysiakini) *sobs, I am so tired* I live in a country where God and egg share the same drama. (in case you do not know, RPK was in ISA for insulting God and today, UMNO Youth made a police report because Teresa Kok insulted eggs)

8 thoughts on “Can the Malaysian Government take the criticisms on Perez Hilton’s blog about RPK? (plus Malaysiakini Silencing of RPK)

  1. our government is only good at bullying their own citizen (rakyat jelata), when it comes to foreign policy .. we are always the losing one… think about pulau batu putih.

  2. One day these clowns still there I think sooner or later when people ask where do I live, I think I’ll say some where near to Singapore and Thailand ledi.

    Btw Go!Malaysian, before you petik the blog post did you read the comments in the post as well ah? LoL…

    (5xmom says : LOL, my blog is hot mah, so ppl wanna leech for links. Tks for pointing out, I delete jor lor)

  3. Hi Lilian, you got that right! That’s exactly what I thot when I read the papers yesterday about the police report. *sigh* Have we really come to this?

  4. That fella is confusing the reader lah, use crude oil price count the direct conversion in petrol price. Memang fail. Sendiri pwn sendiri. LoL…

  5. What do you expect when we put 3rd class mentality people up there to safeguard our interest? Pakaian saja yang 1st class tapi otak tak ubah2 macam 3rd class! That’s y tis is call d BOLEH LAND! Apa pun boleh but in d end, tak ada 1 yg boleh.

  6. i love the fact that this was highlighted by perez. LOL. I’m guessing you also didn’t miss all of his coverage because of all the Avril hooplah earlier last month?

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