The turnout for tonight candlelight vigil calling for the abolishment of the ISA is good. I think it is about the same as the first night, say 300 people?

candlelight vigil, penang

The vigil starts around 9.30 pm and ends at 10.30 pm. Before that, we get to send a Hari Raya card to the detainees in Kamunting. Of course, I sent mine to RPK and another detainee, Mat Tarmizi. Candles and yellow ribbons were distributed. My blog reader, Momo was there giving away candles. *waves to Momo again*


The police presence is much more than the first night. There are policemen in uniform and Special Branch in plainclothes all over the place.


The banner calling for the abolishment of ISA.

MP Yusmadi

MP Yusmadi from Balik Pulau was there. While he has talking, SB guys were taking notes with pen and paper, taking video and photos. Wuah…..Our Penang CM said on Malaysiakini that Penang has one of the lowest crime rate and highest crime solving….We all canggih, right?


Activisit and also a blogger, Mustafa K Anuar reciting a poem. The building at the back (the focus of my photo) is the High Court of Penang.


Then, this ex-ISA detainee (by the name of Yee Yong?) shared his experience during detention. My Mandarin is very bad but I think he was from Parti Rakyat (the political party with bullhead?). He joked that Teresa Kok two eggs are considered good as they used to eat only salted or kembong fish with taugeh. He said he was questioned for five days continously on the same questions, without sleep. Whenever he felt sleepy, they would let him drink kopi-o. No wonder, he said, when he first saw a detainee, he wondered why they have red face. After he was out of detention, he had to go on parole (or something like that) and cannot even leave Georgetown. He is very semangat and said as long as he is alive, he will stand together and fight for the abolishment of ISA.

bin the isa

The candlelight vigil ended with some symbolic actions like a short procession around the flower pot! But that too, wasn’t allowed by the police. *roll eyes* Then, everyone tore the paper with the word ISA and bin it. That’s what the Penang CM said earlier on Malaysiakini.

free press

And why do we need to participate in such candlelight vigil? To call for the abolishment of ISA and also for free press. MP Yusmadi said what happened to RPK may also happen to any one of us. I whispered to my son, “Yalah, termasuk mak hang.” (me lah)

The next candlelight vigil is next Friday, same place. 3 October, 2008 at 9pm. (be there early because the police normally allow a short time for the vigil only)