Penangites, go freedomfilmfest – Free one, you knowwww

Thanks to Momo’s info, I got to know about the Freedom Film Fest going on at Wawasan Open University.

yeap chor ee wawasan open university

They have screening of short movies about freedom. I only managed to catch two short films, Tiffin and Ayah, Kenapa Tebang Pokok Pisang? The first one is about an Indian girl brought up in a Chinese family. See the racial discrimination and those subtle messages hidden in the film. I only caught part of the movie.

The next one is a Bahasa Malaysia/Tamil call Ayah, Kenapa Tebang Pokok Pisang? I like this one. About how the rich gets richer and the poor continues to suffer. A film about the farce of NEP and how it is supposed to help Malays but instead, makes many suffer.


The Freedom Film Fest goes on till Sunday so catch some of the movies. Screening time can be found here. Go to the fifth floor of Wawasan Open University on Jalan Sultan Ahmad Shah. The guard will allow you to park your car at the car park on Level 4.


After the movie, we went down to the grounds on WOU to take pictures. Doh, I forgot to put my DSLR battery so I was left with only a P&S camera. Nevertheless, the photos were so nice.

yeap chor ee

The statue of Towkay Yeap Chor Ee who used to own the bungalow on this spot.

Ta ta! Off to candlelight vigil now. 9.30 pm, in front of Dewan Sri Pinang.

4 thoughts on “Penangites, go freedomfilmfest – Free one, you knowwww

  1. Wow. Some history treasure to dig. šŸ™‚ Just dig some keepo stuff from internet šŸ™‚

    Yeap Chor Ee ??? are founder of Ban Hin Lee Bank and sugar king in the old day. Because he has no idea of inheritance tax, when he die(1952), his heir don’t have enough cash to pay the inheritance tax. (T.M. abolish inheritance tax in 80’s, worsen the money politics)
    In 70’s When Penang state government possess the now Bayan lepas land from Yeap Chor Ee family and compensate 9 mils, and they use it to settle the inheritance tax.

    The building in front of Wawasan Open University are donated by Yeap family. Yeap Chor Ee family also fund a substantial amount of money on the University.

  2. Lilian, I arrived at the filmfest at about 7.20pm. As usual I had to battle the usual Friday evening traffic (me coming from Sg. Nibong).The journey took me about an hour!

    I was amazed at the massive building.So beautiful and vast! (your photos real nice). Not bad for a uni. The toilets so dry and clean… better than hotel! I was glad to have an opportunity to visit this place. If not for the filmfest, I would not have any business to go there!

    Anyway, I was in time for the opening ceremony but before that we could help ourselves to some food at the cafeteria.

    Wow! free food some more! I had fried beehoon, fried chicken wings, kueh and drinks. Not bad lah…. so thoughtful of the organisers.

    Tomorrow night I would be back for the programs from 8pm.( Hope for more free food? wink,wink)

    I left just before 9 to go to Dewan Sri for the vigil. That’s when I met YOU!! …. to be continued

  3. Momo – I also wanted to stay for the opening ceremony ‘cos I saw the foods in the cafeteria. But my sons wanted to watch Ben10 movie so boh pien, came home makan my own dinner and went to candlelight vigil.

    Wuah, you so fast reading my blog liao?

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