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The most photographed sausage

What do you get when you put a plate of sausage and 26 food bloggers in a nice cosy restaurant?


Food paparazzis mob.
Flashing flash lights.
and the most photographed sausage.
Maybe more photographed than any male p0rn ‘sausage’.


LOL, this is the first time I attended a food bloggers gathering and it is so amusing to see all the bloggers mobbed the plate of sausage.

edelweiss, penang

Edelweiss is a tiny, cosy Swiss restaurant in Penang.

edelweiss, penang

More photos later. I have no internet access and now rely on ‘semangat kejiranan’ so must fast-fast publish before my access goes dead.

Nice meeting all the food bloggers!

18 Responses to “The most photographed sausage”

  1. Wtf!!!

  2. are super super fast! lol!
    it was great meeting you and your hemsem son 😛
    cant wait for the next meet! 🙂

  3. wow, lilian, really fast la!!! I am so happy finally can meet you in person! nice photos!

  4. I missed this food gathering! Walio, now I know why foodie love to tske such photos when comes to such huge thingy!……

  5. Edelweiss looks really cosy and cute food bloggers!! : )

  6. where is this nice cosy looking restaurant?

  7. hi.
    nice to meet you there. =]
    you are so fast!

    the sausage is tasty.
    i ate it yesterday.
    curry pork sausages. it’s delicious! =]

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  10. Lilian, nice to meet u…yeah, u r really fast in posting…will link you to my blog…hehehe…

  11. cepat nia! lilian damn famous.

  12. hmm…… respect… post so fast.. and the photo quality is supreme… hee hee

    we had nothing to blog about.. aiks… no photo…

  13. Wah so fast! That first sausage was real famous …… all the paparazzi (most of us) double cook it with the flash heats …. hahaha

  14. Haha I agree…the sausages was mobbed!!! It was really an interesting night to meet you and everyone else!!

  15. […] (Nigel’s wife, Diane. Thanks for letting us to take photos of your sausages.) […]

  16. Hi lilian, nice to meet you in person. i’m the one who sitting with you at the same table….the FAT FAT couples leh…haa

  17. very happy to find the penang food bloggers, i am from Penang too, i like penang very much, especially the food..yummi..

    i miss the penang loh mee…it is impossible to get it from KL..

  18. People might think twice about the title. Great one there! Nice seeing you there at the gathering. 🙂