The most photographed sausage

What do you get when you put a plate of sausage and 26 food bloggers in a nice cosy restaurant?


Food paparazzis mob.
Flashing flash lights.
and the most photographed sausage.
Maybe more photographed than any male p0rn ‘sausage’.


LOL, this is the first time I attended a food bloggers gathering and it is so amusing to see all the bloggers mobbed the plate of sausage.

edelweiss, penang

Edelweiss is a tiny, cosy Swiss restaurant in Penang.

edelweiss, penang

More photos later. I have no internet access and now rely on ‘semangat kejiranan’ so must fast-fast publish before my access goes dead.

Nice meeting all the food bloggers!

18 thoughts on “The most photographed sausage

  1. very happy to find the penang food bloggers, i am from Penang too, i like penang very much, especially the food..yummi..

    i miss the penang loh mee…it is impossible to get it from KL..

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