Ten reasons why people never go to candlelight vigils or peace gatherings

Many people have never been to candlelight vigils or join any peace gathering (sounds better than protest). Some of the reasons could be :

1) Tidak apa, esok lusa mesti lupa

2) It doesn’t concern them, they got work to do, money to earn

3) There are good shows on Astro

4) What does Hindraf got to do with me? I am Cina mah?

5) Only people who eat full, nothing to do, go to such places

6) It is very dangerous, wei. If you get filmed by SB, you and your great great great grandchildren probably will never, ever get scholarship

7) People go there to see people, where got interesting lah. The chicks hot or not?

8) It is a lost cause, we can never win

9) Such things, leave it to the politicians lah, we elect them for what.

10) (you tell me your reasons, please)

Above is a video my son took at the last candlelight vigil in Penang organised by GMI. I wish more NGOs, politicians and the public will take an interest. It is not about others, it is about us and our future generations.

Catch me in the video, just a short appearance. šŸ˜›

The next candlelight vigil in Penang is this coming Friday, 3rd October at 9.00 pm (you are advised to come early by 15 minutes at least). Come in your baju Raya, can? Bring a torch light, camera and lemang dan serunding. Kita piknik kat Padang Kota Lama.

12 thoughts on “Ten reasons why people never go to candlelight vigils or peace gatherings

  1. too lazy to drive out at night…then too lazy to cari parking…then too lazy to chase my toddler around because he’d be running around and terrorizing people there and trying to grab all the candles or blow out all the candles…
    oh, not forgetting the most important of all, it is my son’s bedtime lar so he is supposed to be at home in bed and he will only go to sleep when I am around. Maybe when the li’l monster is older lor….
    See…all sorts of excuses…heheheheheh… but I don’t mind broadcasting it in my blogs if I know when and where.

  2. Piknik?? Wah, like that I go early,early lor! Can bring popo?

    OK I go early to give out candles! I have no excuses, so shall bring my butt there again and again.

    See you there! No baju raya, but will wear the same ISA tshirt.

  3. You got time? 45mins only.Watch this video.Title: One nation under Lee.

    This was shown at the Freedom Film Fest. This video banned in Singapore. Their ISA just as teruk as ours. From same pangsa, I think.

    Watch and learn! No excuses, just watch.

  4. 10) They held candelight vigils at home, disguise as lantern festival events and with a makan session šŸ™‚
    11) Candle sold off
    12) They use torchlight
    13) nobody sms them

  5. Too lazy, have to jaga anak, no candles, no tanglung, no balls for some….etc…

    Aiyoh… no need reason lah… follow ur heart…jus go for it!!!!

    Tag ur anak along… no candle use people punya..haha…tanglung can still buy cheaply since its over now… lol…

    and get some balls to come and show the moron who practices ISA!

  6. Lilian, every time we sing the song ‘We shall overcome’, I think the word ‘some day’ should be changed to ‘today’. What do you think??

    We keep on singing ‘some day, some day’ then when can we overcome? ‘Some day’ seems so far away. Ya, ‘some day’ my prince will come too!

    Let’s sing ‘We shall overcome today!’ Give the song a more positive uplift and send this message forth.

    We don’t want RPK and the rest to be released ‘some day’…. of course they WOULD be released ‘some day’. But when? In a coffin? When old and grey?

    We want them released TODAY! NOW!

  7. Perhaps one reason is the way some bloggers are pushing it down the throat of others like they are the only self-righteous ones preachin from high-moral ground pedestal…quite arrogantly like they are the only ones doing some thing about this…some bloggers and their commentators have even resorted to advertising campaigns such as “..if you have the b#lls…”…you will participate, you will sign…

    personally, I don’t have b#lls but i go to the vigil and do my part cos I believe in this cause…and I know many others do too but many, I suspect don’t, simply because they are put off by the ‘boys club bloggers’…(you r one of the rare exceptions of course)…

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