Many people have never been to candlelight vigils or join any peace gathering (sounds better than protest). Some of the reasons could be :

1) Tidak apa, esok lusa mesti lupa

2) It doesn’t concern them, they got work to do, money to earn

3) There are good shows on Astro

4) What does Hindraf got to do with me? I am Cina mah?

5) Only people who eat full, nothing to do, go to such places

6) It is very dangerous, wei. If you get filmed by SB, you and your great great great grandchildren probably will never, ever get scholarship

7) People go there to see people, where got interesting lah. The chicks hot or not?

8) It is a lost cause, we can never win

9) Such things, leave it to the politicians lah, we elect them for what.

10) (you tell me your reasons, please)

Above is a video my son took at the last candlelight vigil in Penang organised by GMI. I wish more NGOs, politicians and the public will take an interest. It is not about others, it is about us and our future generations.

Catch me in the video, just a short appearance. 😛

The next candlelight vigil in Penang is this coming Friday, 3rd October at 9.00 pm (you are advised to come early by 15 minutes at least). Come in your baju Raya, can? Bring a torch light, camera and lemang dan serunding. Kita piknik kat Padang Kota Lama.