Eggs, telor, cheetan, kaynui, kaitan on a rainy day

*The photos are all Ditanggung Halal, all beef and chicken, don’t worry. I didn’t post this earlier because it is the puasa month. By now my Muslim readers are probably at home, preparing for berbuka puasa. I very sensitive to my Muslim readers, wan.*

It has rained since this morning. What a depressing day. Now I am feeling hungry for some bak kut teh or curry fish head or fish head bee hoon or sup kambing and sup kote lembu (hehehe) but the rain over at my place is too heavy so we have to wait further before we can go out. Moreover, the eating stalls normally don’t open until 6pm.

scrambled eggs

The only thing I did today is to find a way to cook the perfect scrambled eggs.

scrambled eggs

I don’t know why but when it rains, it saps my soul as well and all I want is to sleep. My brain can’t think, my mind can’t work and I think I will die if I have to live in a temperate country with four seasons.

scrambled eggs

I do not fancy stuffs like these eggs and sausages. I cannot live with Western foods and this reminds me of the time when I was in Paris, Milan and Venice. We were there for a length of time and the blardy weather was like today. It rained in France. It rained in fashionable Milan. It rained in romantic Venice and it rained in most beautiful Lake Como. I couldn’t get decent Chinese rice except for Vietnamese faking Chinese. Their McDonalds do not sell chicken, only nuggets. I saw a fat chicken roasting on the rotisserie in a market in Paris and I couldn’t afford it . By then, I was so sick of the Italian foods as well. And I remembered eating some canned stuffs at the grounds of Notre Dame with all the beautiful stained glasses and all. Bawllsss….every time I think of our Malaysian hot foods, I wanted to cry.

See? The rain messed up my thoughts. Now, what was my title again?

6 thoughts on “Eggs, telor, cheetan, kaynui, kaitan on a rainy day

  1. kadusmama – Freeze never mind, ini pusing gostan pulak. Hahaha. Hungry punya pasal lah. Hubby tidor, I duduk waiting to go out and makan….Never blog on an empty stomach!

  2. I see this also lapar liau. Dah lar hujan and I’m so lazy to go out and buy any food. So sian, been raining like siau today. Now, I am so hungry looking at your food.

  3. Bryan – Yalor, mai siao siao, last time Teresa Kok put siu too pictures on her blog, she also kena. Must put sign wan.

    Erina – I ciak pa liao lor. Ciak bak moey.

  4. Nice breakfast. I still like the English style = bacon (halal or non-halal), scrambled eggs, sausages(halal or non-halal), grilled tomato, mushroom and baked beans.

    9-God festival starting soon, rite? Rainy days ahead…. huuuu…

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