Of butter cake, paper boat, nine emperor gods watery vengence and rainy days

My little boy spent the morning learning how to fold paper boats. Father and son folded three paper boats and they headed out to find a small longkang to see the boat floating away in the flood water, into the big monsoon drain. (Caution : During this rainy season, make sure your children are not playing anywhere near monsoon drain because it is very dangerous.)


Meanwhile, I spend the morning feeling a bit guilty. I skipped my Mt Miriam visit yesterday morning because we went to the warehouse to buy foods supply for the 200 years celebration of College General. This morning, I was trapped in my own apartment unit because it flooded again. This time, it wasn’t so bad but the roads outside are not accessible by car anymore. Tomorrow, I am going to CG to get the kitchen ready and I shall have to skip visiting again. *prays that all the people I know are getting well or remain comfortable and strong*

I suppose Kau Ong Ia or Kow wong yea or Nine emperor gods are mad with the people and decided to lash lots and lots and lots of rain. It has been raining since yesterday. The nine emperor gods are nine brothers who are total vegetarians who lived at sea, hence, they love water. That’s why you see so many yellow stalls selling vegetarian foods sprung up during these nine days and everywhere rains. I tell you, it is not easy to go on nine days of the nine emperor god vegetarian fasting. You must not use any cutleries that have been tainted by meats, i.e. all pots and pans and plates must be totally ‘clean’. You must abstain from any source of animal products including milk and butter. I tried doing it once and only lasted a day. *roll eyes* Of course, I am now a Christian so I don’t do that anymore lah. This is just for information purpose, ok?

butter cake

What’s the best thing to do on a rainy day and you cannot go anywhere? Bake a cake. I am cooking all the meals today because our elevator is rosak-ed as rain water entered the lift shaft as water level went up very high around 6 am. *grrrrrr* It is no fun climbing up and down on a wet day like this. If you want a simple butter cake recipe, head over to my food blog.

I hope everyone feels the joy of Hari Raya in the air? My neighbour gave me some Raya goodies this morning and I feel so happy to have a Muslim neighbour and a Hindu neighbour living next to me. This is the real lives of real Malaysians. Glad we are not like those portrayed by Utusan Malaysia and other media that fans racial tensions.

*back to sipping hot English tea and eating hot butter cake*

3 thoughts on “Of butter cake, paper boat, nine emperor gods watery vengence and rainy days

  1. I have indian, chinese and malay neighbour too..and all of us get along pretty well..! The media stream are in their own world lah..just because 2 – 3 stupid politikus made racist remark, doesn’t mean us also like them..In fact we can think much better than those politikus..correct or not???
    Anwayyyyyyy…your butter cake must taste delicious..next time i go penang..i must go and find you and your foods..hehe can kah??

  2. Please bring your leftover kuih muih (* hint hint, butter cake) to the vigil this Friday. Share share lah!

    Pray for good weather too.

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