Come for another ISA candlelight vigil tonight

The above is the video of last week’s anti-ISA candlelight vigil in front of Dewan Sri Pinang, Penang.

There is going to be another anti-ISA candlelight vigil in front of Dewan Sri Pinang tonight. (Friday 3rd October). However, note that the time is 9 pm (and not like the previous weeks where it started at 9.30 pm).

Do come several minutes early to get acquainted with friends and collect leaflets, song lyrics and etc because candlelight vigil always start on time and they have a limited time before the police ask us to disperse.

Bring a torchlight along if candle is not your kind of stuff. It is usually rather dark so you need a light. And don’t forget the cameras to test out your skill in night photography. You know…you don’t need to be all hyped up over ISA to join a candlelight vigil. Be there just for the experience, for watching people or just to lepak under the starry night. Or you can just stand around and watch people do their thing. If you are a blogger, this is bloggable material, you know?

So, see you tonight!

anti-ISA candlelight vigil

The above is #2 son in his anti-ISA t-shirt and in front of him with the same t-shirt is Greg. My #1 and #2 sons went to College General with me this morning. Both of them woke up around 5 am to ‘have fun’ with me. My #2 son said, “Swt lah, ma, you know ah, I had breakfast with THREE archbishops you know! Die lah. Tension betul.” (he was eating breakfast and the archbishops came in and sat down with him at the same table. LOL, teloq dia pasti kecut.). After I had kautim-ed the eggs, I fast fast took them home ‘cos they were fooling around with the liquor leftover from last night dinner. Chialat ler, so many varieties, the two of them were going to do ‘wine tasting’ if I don’t pull them away. But lucky my #1 son came along ‘cos he could flip omelet so well.


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  1. Ohh.. I miss your posts… welcome back. I am addicted to your blog 🙂

    Thank GOD for you. GOD bless.

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