Put one dumb blogger and one dramatic claim by Hindraf and what do you get? – Find out on Malaysiakini

Doesn’t Hindraf think first before they dramatise the issue? By making a police report over one single, unknown blogger’s racist remarks, what do they think of the majority of us who are supporting Hindraf? Childish lah, lu Hindraf. Never think first of the consequences before ah?

Malaysiakini reported –

Hindraf’s Penang coordinator MN Anbalgan, 37, and information chief S Vadi Velan, 28, have lodged a police report in Butterworth last week against the blogger’s posting in her ‘Life is a drama’ website.

Now, I am not condoning that unknown blogger’s post. But what she did is sadly what many Chinese people privately think. Any Indians who understand Chinese dialects will tell you that. Many people, like this dumb blogger failed to see that it is usually poverty that drove people to crime, alcoholism, domestic violence and other social problems. It is an escalating problem from generation to generation.

If Hindraf is serious in pushing whatever reforms they are aiming for, they should remember that is it not a single unknown blogger or a single race but those policies that are being unfair which they should focus on.

It is comical that Hindraf doesn’t have the forethought that any such report may cause another ISA. Is that what they want? Aren’t we, the rest of the races comprising Malays, Chineses and other helping them to push for reforms and also the abolishment of ISA so that the Hindraf 5 can be released from ISA detention?

Jesus Christ, here we are, week after week, day after day calling for abolishment of ISA and there they go with a small issue, crying to the police. Get real lah. I can bet with you that for the next few days, Samy Vellu is going sing song again. He just did today.

MIC president S Samy Vellu said Hindraf’s move could ‘derail efforts by the MIC to secure the release of the five Hindraf leaders being held under the ISA’.


The above quote was what drove me to attend the Penang candlelight vigil just now. I tell you, thousands have protested and now, our dear hero is trying to claim the glory for himself. I am not Indian but I feel for them and will do my part to go for candlelight vigil, week after week. Lembu punya susu, sami mau dapat nama.

Talking about candlelight vigil, damn…I felt so good just now. None from home wants to go with me. So, I went alone. I feel like a real ‘tai kar jeh’ (gangsta sista) making my way to the candlelight vigil. Glad I made it ‘cos I met so many bloggers and blog readers there. It is a commitment in a cause I believe in. *hi Momo, forget to ask what’s your name again* *hi to S too* And wow, Bishop was there as well.

Finally, one last advice from 5xmom – To win a war, know who your enemies are. Think first before you strike.

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  1. Yalar, to win the war, know your enemies lah! Bodoh punya orang!! I so geram…

    Lilian, next time I tell you my name ok? Cannot revel here lah… too femes! Hahaha!

    I go vigil alone too.Don’t belong to any groups or organization.Just standing up for what I firmly believe.

  2. They are trying to champion on something out of nothing. My goodness, they can’t even understand what a blog is.

    Whatever hindraf is doing now over Sammy, is exactly how the ruling devil did to NameWee.

    Such hypocrisy. Sigh

  3. Lays – Yalor, must think first mah, of all places go drag one blogger, totally unknown to the police. This way, it makes ALL bloggers look bad mah and surely the police kasi hard time to ALL bloggers.

    Momo – Never even say thank you to all of us for helping to champion for them, go pick on one single blogger and make police report pulak. Pordah. I also know another Tamil word with P word also but I cincai don’t use it yet.

    Just now vigil, they never early early tell us we got a chance to speak. If not hor, I sure gather my thoughts and speak liao. Sked till pee in pants also I dare to go up wan but must give few minutes to prepare my sentences mah. No warning, ask people want to talk or not. Open air like that, must compose sentences properly or else baju biru terus tarik saya masuk.

  4. Gosh…

    Why waste all that energy about lodging reports here and there… especially over a small insignificant blogger-la…

    Shouldn’t this group do more to help the community than to lodge reports here and there?

    I’m all for the group to champion for injustice but then, this sounds like they are barking up the wrong tree? It’s like barking at a mouse for stealing a piece of cheese when the cat has gone to stole the entire plate of fish….

  5. Support you 5xmom. She just want to shows her frustration only but the article was getting out of hands.

    What to do ? The damages has already been done.

  6. Yes Lilian, you are right, but was there a need to use the name of Jesus Christ for an exclamation? What are you feeling like? A Hollywood heroine??

  7. rider – Actually….I don’t need to reply to comments like yours. ‘Cos if you have the decency not to sieve through my posts to find fault, you would have the intelligence to know that I am calling my Lord’s name as it is frustrating and I have every right to call on His name as we (the whole of Malaysia in general) have done so much and yet, the group does not even have the maturity to realise their follies. Oh by the way, pordah, don’t try to butter and then, get all self-righteous in the same breath.

    Jackie – Let’s wait when all the others are back to work. I have the feelings this will not blow over so easily. All those parties are out to pick a scapegoat.

  8. Lillian wrote:
    But what she did is sadly what many Chinese people privately think. Any Indians who understand Chinese dialects will tell you that. Many people, like this dumb blogger failed to see that it is usually poverty that drove people to crime, alcoholism, domestic violence and other social problems. It is an escalating problem from generation to generation.

    My questions are:
    1. Who are the “people” being refferred to as being driven to “crime, alcoholism, domestic violence and other social problems”.
    2. What drives the “many Chinese”, like this “dumb blogger” to think like this of Indians?

  9. Her post is no doubt very racist but no point for Hindraf to make it such a big hoo haa lah. My first impression to this case is that someone is looking for scapegoat.

    Anyway, she chicken out and deleted the post. Now the blog is opened to invited readers only. I bet she learned a lesson.

    I got screen shot of the original post, anyone wanna see? Hehe…

  10. Bryan – I read already earlier. This one is call head not so big, don’t wear so big hat lor. Skali ka’chng kena grilled, mana mau lari? Special Branch sure go knocking at her door liao, as what is reported. Cos what is written, kenot tarik balik liao.

    sam – What are you trying to imply ah? That you supported the post from that blogger? Remember hor, to me, all races, all people are still people who deserves to be respected and treated equally. I look at the bigger picture. So, you don’t try to take one galah to sapu all at my blog. It is a fact that when we live in a multi-racial country, we have our stereotypes of the different races. E.g. Chinese being cunning, gamblers and drinkers. But bloggers must have the maturity not to voice it out on the internet because it brings nothing useful except animosities. Anyway, this post is about Hindraf’s folly of going to the police over a single blogger. They could have ignored it and nothing would have happened. If they want racist remarks, they should go read UMNO online. Or Khir Toyo. Or Ali Rustam. Or Che Det. Those are the biggies.

  11. aiih?.. who gonna complain on the mykmu.net forumers!!!
    they give me high blood pressure!! 🙂

  12. Sad, isn’t it. If I am to go into minute detail, I would even hate my own race and couldn’t give a hoot about abolishing ISA. You are rite, the two Hindraf reps should look at the bigger picture and admonish the blogger at her site, instead of trying to fame themselves.

  13. Hello people…
    Bloggers must have responsibility on what they write… sometimes personal stuff can be blown out of proportion.

    Just take a minute and wonder what if another blogger wrote something ‘not very nice to read and hear’ about another race… you guys think those other people would not take action like HINDRAF?

    We are living in a world full of suspicion. Let’s be reasonable and think sensibly cause this world we are living in will go to our children. Imagine what kind of world would they inherit if everyone can just say out their mind without even thinking.

    This blogger is just the tip of the iceberg. Most Malaysians are just living in their own communal village.. talking about racial harmony and integration… just ask yourself when was the last time you even sat down and makan minum with another race.. (and this does not include business colleagues and clients) …

    p/s: Sammy Chan is a childish dumb blogger… to read her blog need invitation…buzz off.

    Salam Mesra! 🙂

  14. Frustrated, they side-tracked their objective. 2 steps forward, 5 steps back.

    Tolerance, patience, determination. Fuh! I sounded like …… Terence.

  15. tan silly – Ada makan ubat?

    crumpled – DEY, LU ADA BACA APA SAYA TULIS KAH? You repeated EXACTLY what I said. Next time hor, don’t waste precious your time lah. You can just say ‘I agree with you.’

    whispering – Ya lah. If every remarks also they want to make police report, then, I encourage them to start with the politicians, that racist teacher and etc.

    supersuji – Actually, I did before. But through a policitian. I made a complaint that their posting claimed that all Christians are drunkards. Tony Pua made the report based on several people complaints. But usual lah, depending on who committed the mistake or racist remarks, things will get swept under the carpet.

  16. Well, guess what- the one time I browse to your site perhaps the first time in months and the topic hits close to home. Being an Indian, the deragatory remarks she made pissed me off. Obviously, she hasn’t learnt the finer arts of controlling her emotions. I do agree with you that the Hindraf people did react a tad too strongly/emotionally as well in this case. As for this girl, she will probably be knocked around a little (not literally I hope), shamed a little and probably will learn a lesson she might value forever. Life’s full of hard knocks and lil’ miss sammy is just taking a small tumble.

  17. Lilian, we were there at the candle light vigil… wifey, little princess and me. Wanted to approach you but paiseh becoz u r like one of the starry bloggers. Don’t have to guess wan, I was one of those who read out the names of the ISA detainees…

  18. Lilian, next time at vigil I wan to stand beside you le … then maybe my photo kena tangkap oso….see your photo at anil’s. You were near the Bishop.

  19. Momo – Sei for ler…Hahaha. Like this mana mau lari?

    anak penang – Oh really? Great that all of you went up to read the names. Given to me, my tangan sure shaking liao.

    Dhana – In our country, there are things that cannot be said openly and on the internet, there is no hiding. My sifu taught me the internet memory cannot be erased. It will come back 10, 20 or even longer years to haunt the person wan.

  20. Lilian, she is just a young brat that jus finish uni lah…

    come on people. Give her a space. We got a big issues (our country). Her mind set was not racist. Is just that she hated the person who snatched her HP and put up a “term” to which we know is not right.

    her example is what we see important to train and change the future generation of youth. How many of you think of changing them? I doubt. Most of you jus condemn and call them (not only her) dumb!!

    Is time to help them discover the beauty of all races. Not sitting in front of the monitor cucuk here and there.

    And for hindraf, shame on u. Never think of being an elder person forgiving others. How ppl wanna support u? Young brat also wanna sue.

  21. Jarod – What she did is really dumb and actually I have better words for that but I am being nice already, using only dumb to describe. She posted her photo on her blog, call all Indians names. And you actually see nothing wrong with that? Duh. Don’t act all pandai with your “Not sitting in front of the monitor cucuk here and there. ” comment on my blog.

    As for Hindraf, go tell them directly lah. This is my blog, dey.

  22. It saddens me when pettiness becomes a huge ‘thing’. Remember there are still 66 ‘victims’ of our draconian ISA (Ikut Suka Aku) in Kamunting. We should focus our energy on freeing them from the chains of physical and psychological suffering. Forget about some scorned remarks from a silly and insensitive person who lost her ‘thingy’ due to her own negligence.

  23. Lilian, I know for her you can call anything. I know you are being nice too. I know that she is wrong as well for callin ppl names. Her inner exposure tells us there are many ppl in that mindset.

    But Its the future generation we have to think. I see that not many people are doing something for the youth. I know you did your part. But the Government and so many people are not doing their part. Rakan Muda has not work out well. iF we don’t think of the youth, the next generation of people may get worst and more Dummy may be on the road. This is my concern. I am sad when i read it. Bcoz i love them the younger generation.

    I am sure you can understand. If a child has done something wrong, the parents will punish him/her and forgive her.

    I dun act pandai. But i do my part as well. I am also refering to some of them outside. Aiyo… tu hindraf jus release here lah… ignore it 🙂

  24. Jarod – Oh go to hell with your ‘I want to save the world, I love the future generation’. Next time, think before you leave your comments. I am the mother to youths so don’t come and shit here with your ideals. Go back to your own blog. This post is not about the blogger, this post is about the mistake Hindraf made of showing us how disorganised they are. And stop trying to explain further, I don’t have a lot of patience.

  25. Thanks for responding to my questions, Lilian. I was not trying to imply anything. Just needed the clarification. I do not support the post from that blogger. I agree with everything you wrote. I fully understand that, as you wrote, “this post is about Hindraf’s folly of going to the police over a single blogger”. I just needed some clarification from you about who you were referring to as the “people” driven to “crime, alcoholism, domestic violence and other social problems”; and what drives the “many Chinese”, like this “dumb blogger” to think like this of Indians?

    Seems like you have answered my questions. Thanks.

  26. sam – You were just trying to wring it out of my mouth what you thought I was thinking. Grow up, when I say people, I mean humans on earth. Go try wipe off the racist thoughts in your mind before asking me to clarify my post.

  27. Dear Lilian, Here are my thoughts again. You’d probably not post it and I can understand that. But I`m hoping you will at least read this with an open mind and not snap at me again. I mean you no ill feeling and I meant it sincerely when I wrote that I agree with your post. I was not trying to “wring” anything from your mouth of what I thought you were thinking. The two questions I asked were merely to clarify the message of your post. I was also not implying anything but merely requesting the writer of the post (viz. you) to clarify who you meant by the “people” when you said that “ poverty that drove people to crime, alcoholism, domestic violence and other social problems “ and why “many Chinese people privately think” this way, as you stated.

    If it helps, my reasons for asking these questions are simply to understand. As I wrote, I do agree with everything you wrote. I fully understand that, as you wrote, “this post is about Hindraf’s folly of going to the police over a single blogger”. My reasons for asking these questions are because the “social problems” you cite are precisely the ones that Sammy Chan had cited against the Indians. But this is not a “small issue” as you suggested. It’s a very big issue that affects us everyday. It’s a very big issue that hurts us real bad because it is happening everyday and we are experiencing it. I am experiencing it regularly because of my Indian roots. My reasons for asking these questions is because I want to know what drives, as you said “…what she did is sadly what many Chinese people privately think.” My reasons for asking these questions is also because I am a Catholic as well and I subscribe to everything you have written about the faith, and I was hoping for some clarification from another catholic.

    But, as I have also said, you have answered my questions and I am grateful for that. But I cannot understand why you are so angry and rude when I`ve not made any accusations against you but merely asking for clarifications for what is a very important issue you have raised.

  28. Sam – Are you a grandma? You nag a lot you know? Come on lah, this is my blog. Why should I clarify what I wrote? You think I am MCA president or something. Screw it lah, why bother to take whatever I crapped so seriously lah! Grow up, I wrote a lot of posts for the traffic, and I don’t give a damn whether people think it is politically correct or not, and you should have the same wisdom. Go out and breathe some fresh air lah. I am busy finishing my work which is piling up and you are just a convenient person for me to release tension. Don’t waste time here can?

  29. You chinese cover each others backs very well indeed.

    even something thats wrong can be deflected as blame on another party.

    most excellent.

    do they teach you that in chinese school?

    keep up the good work.

    u a chirstian?


  30. oneofthesedays – Never went to Chinese school. I went to Farking U. And what does being Christian or not have to do with this, may I ask? What does religion got to do with this post? And what does being Chinese got to do with this as well??

    If every Chinese in this world does a Bukkake on you my friend, you will drown. Watch your words.

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