Doesn’t Hindraf think first before they dramatise the issue? By making a police report over one single, unknown blogger’s racist remarks, what do they think of the majority of us who are supporting Hindraf? Childish lah, lu Hindraf. Never think first of the consequences before ah?

Malaysiakini reported –

Hindraf’s Penang coordinator MN Anbalgan, 37, and information chief S Vadi Velan, 28, have lodged a police report in Butterworth last week against the blogger’s posting in her ‘Life is a drama’ website.

Now, I am not condoning that unknown blogger’s post. But what she did is sadly what many Chinese people privately think. Any Indians who understand Chinese dialects will tell you that. Many people, like this dumb blogger failed to see that it is usually poverty that drove people to crime, alcoholism, domestic violence and other social problems. It is an escalating problem from generation to generation.

If Hindraf is serious in pushing whatever reforms they are aiming for, they should remember that is it not a single unknown blogger or a single race but those policies that are being unfair which they should focus on.

It is comical that Hindraf doesn’t have the forethought that any such report may cause another ISA. Is that what they want? Aren’t we, the rest of the races comprising Malays, Chineses and other helping them to push for reforms and also the abolishment of ISA so that the Hindraf 5 can be released from ISA detention?

Jesus Christ, here we are, week after week, day after day calling for abolishment of ISA and there they go with a small issue, crying to the police. Get real lah. I can bet with you that for the next few days, Samy Vellu is going sing song again. He just did today.

MIC president S Samy Vellu said Hindraf’s move could ‘derail efforts by the MIC to secure the release of the five Hindraf leaders being held under the ISA’.


The above quote was what drove me to attend the Penang candlelight vigil just now. I tell you, thousands have protested and now, our dear hero is trying to claim the glory for himself. I am not Indian but I feel for them and will do my part to go for candlelight vigil, week after week. Lembu punya susu, sami mau dapat nama.

Talking about candlelight vigil, damn…I felt so good just now. None from home wants to go with me. So, I went alone. I feel like a real ‘tai kar jeh’ (gangsta sista) making my way to the candlelight vigil. Glad I made it ‘cos I met so many bloggers and blog readers there. It is a commitment in a cause I believe in. *hi Momo, forget to ask what’s your name again* *hi to S too* And wow, Bishop was there as well.

Finally, one last advice from 5xmom – To win a war, know who your enemies are. Think first before you strike.