How Usain Bolt helped Jamaica tourism

The Jamaican tourism boomed after Usain Bolt became the world famous runner in the Beijing Olympics 2008. Almost everyone has heard of Usain Bolt phenomenal 100 metre dash. He is the guy who seems to have a stroll while the rest of the runners are running like mad. He even has time to turn back to look at his opponents.

But of course, I am not talking about sports but rather how athletes can make a country famous by being champions. Now, everyone has heard of the beauty of Jamaica and all newly weds want to go for destination weddings. It is so much more convenient with a honeymoon all inclusive resort where everything is taken care off.

With discount vacation packages, one do not have to deal with the hassles of making the arrangements. Just fly and relax.

Bah, the weather is so hot today while I heard from someone living down south that his house is flooded! Weather has gone crazy and so do I. 😛 That’s why I am dreaming of rubbing shoulders with Usain Bolt in Jamaica. Pardon me, the sun has fried my brain.