I have just watched the primetime 8 pm news on TV3 and RTM1. This is also related to Malaysiakini report – PM rebukes Hindraf over noisy Raya visit.

Dear Pak Lah

I am sad that as caring Prime Minister, a Malay and a Muslim, you have failed to feel for the Hindraf members. Firstly, let me remind you about the yellow roses march where children were supposed to give you yellow roses. It was before the 12th General Election. If I remember correctly, you not only ignored it, your FRU men sprayed chemical on the protesters.

That is a very cruel action. Yes, the Hindraf members shouldn’t use children in their protest. But they had done it. What’s so difficult for you to step down from your ivory tower and show a gesture that you did not let the children down? Can you imagine what these children will feel when they grow up? Don’t you want them to believe that you ‘give face’ to them rather than almost causing harm to them?

Now, at the Raya Open House. You repeated twice, in English and in Bahasa Malaysia, with disgusted look on your face that someone who was standing behind you told you, “Cuma seorang sahaja yang ucap Selamat Hari Raya, yang lain berkata ‘Hapuskan ISA, lepaskan Hindraf 5.” Then, your abled home minister claimed that this is a perbuatan biadap. BTW, I wonder what you were doing when you need the people behind you to tell you what is going on? Where is your ears, heart and mind when you are shaking hands with all the guests?

Pak Lah, we lived in a multi-racial country. We know that our Indian brethens are very communal folks. They have a tight knit community and that is something we must respect. Yes, they may have jumped queue (or maybe not). But remember that they have something pressing to do there. They are hurt to see the Hindraf 5 being detained. They feel the pain of the mothers, wives and children of the five men there. So, can’t you, as the Prime Minister who is supposed to have a big heart and a forgiving nature as a Muslim, to just bear it out?

As for the rest of the guests who grumbled about the Hindraf members who the media claimed,

Abdullah said the Hindraf crowd created “a lot of unhappiness to a lot of people who were around”.

yes, those people who were there who grumbled, I want to tell them this, “Don’t you all have a life? Goodness, why would you want to bother to queue up for hours just to shake the hands of the ministers and eat some miserly foods? Get a life, dudes. Visit the zoo on holidays, it is much more fun.”

Again, dear Pak Lah…..you know what? If you not been so tough on the Indians (who are Hindus) pre-election, you probably would not lose five states to the opposition.

Btw, I am the rare one of the twenty one million Malaysians who do not care if you are leaving now, in another two years or never. Because you are ok with me. It is only a few selected ministers of yours that I cannot stand.

Oooh..baby, Hindraf said they are going to sue Hamik Kaynui. And Hindraf mahu saman Utusan RM1 juta. (malaysiakini)