We have to stop buying Chinese imports because according to Malaysiakini,

Liow said vegetables could have been contaminated by melamine through fertilizers and pesticides.

and that makes me wonder…..does our country has stringent tests on those imports? So often, I have heard of other countries banning certain foods before our country pick up the news. The tainted vegetables information was sourced from Korea. And long ago, Singapore already banned Ma Ling pork luncheon meat. Anyway…I don’t often buy Chinese vegetables if I can help it eventhough it is much cheaper than Australian. You see, I don’t eat that much vegetables, so if I buy Australian or even Cameron Highlands vege, the differences in price is minimal. I have always been suspicious why their freaking vegetable remains fresh in the fridge for weeks after weeks and after weeks.


Anyway….I found a funny site which used vegetables to make funny faces. So, I copycat one of them using leek. Leek from Cameron Highlands.


All using natural ingredients. Using three beans as the eyes and nose and the red lips using food colouring.

Cute leh…


The leek has been made into Jamie Oliver lamb shanks. Burps..

Another reminder, stay away from Chinese imports. Including China dolls, ok? Bad for your health, says Malaysiakini.

Malaysia has placed a ban on all Chinese dairy products, including candies, chocolates and all food containing milk.