Lilian wonders….(Facebook style)

In Facebook style….

In case you peeps don’t know what is ‘Facebook style’, it is one of those shiok sendiri, ‘I am such a celebrity, whatever I shit, I must tell the world because they are dying to hear what colour is my shit’ way of keeping others updated with what we are doing. For eg. here are what I picked up from my ‘friends’ on Facebook at 1 am on 6th October :

  • Teck Fui is in the right mood for some indie horror movies.
  • David Cheongis emo-ing about his laptop. Can’t believe it went KABOOOM!!!!!!!
  • Allisia Khor is back to work liao… sian loh…
  • Melvin Foong is wondering why TheStar called him. He missed the call, and can’t call back because they can’t trace who made the call.
  • Leon Keith Jackson wonders how deep the rabbit hole goes in the global capital markets.
  • Daniel Franklin Gomez ‘s been informed by his other half that there are loads of psychos on FB. Golly.
  • Lilian says advertisers who are willing to pay only USD5 for a PR4 and 300 words should go eat peanuts till they die. 

So, here I am sitting here, struggling with some cilaka talk due to be submitted tomorrow and at the same time, bored to death with writing paid posts….

(This is how cluttered my desk is, so you do not have to guess how my mind is)

Here are my thoughts NOW, this minute, Facebook style :

Lilian wonders….

  • where the hell is her period because it is already a new month, darn it!
  • why her sister forgot to tell her that her 2nd daughter has given birth, which means Lilian is a grand-aunt again!  
  • why she can get sick of people so fast
  • why people loves to nag even if Lilian is not her dotter
  • what gives people right to nag, just because they are 20 years older than her
  • what kind of old lady she will be when she is 20 years older
  • why she can type faster when her ear plugs are stuffed into her ears
  • why she can crap non-stop for paid posts
  • how she is going to tackle a group of kiasu parents
  • why every time she is on lector’s duty, the reading seems to be tailored for her, her, her alone, even when it was she who does the roster, randomly, without reference.  She thinks it is spooky!  Jesus, it is not funny, ok?
  • what happen to some of the people out there, yet she is not willing to ask them
  • how to celebrate October 24th because it is the 5th anniversary of her status as a blogger, a meal at Kamunting, p’haps?
  • if she will start to grow halo when she starts her theology online course?
  • why her blog comments seem to get rather lame these days?  Is it her fault for writing serious issues or her interesting commentors have flown elsewhere because her blog is boring or they are just speechless by her marvelous posts?
Lilian just remembers….
She must get back to finish her work but she hopes to get some interesting comments that make her laugh and not make her pissed with those who appeared out of nowhere to pick on her.  To those people, Lilian says, Screw you.

12 thoughts on “Lilian wonders….(Facebook style)

  1. eh auntie! your photo inside this blog nicely shows that you bought/own a illegal pirated dvd… do you really want to tell the whole world about it ahhh?

  2. jusoh – It looks like a DVD, but how you know it is a DVD and not just a printed sheet I got from the internet ah? There…boring lah, you punya comment.

  3. Thinking about leaving teruk type of kiasu comments here but suddenly missing nasi kandar so much… sigh.. and forgot the train of thoughts oledi.
    Need to make sure I get to come home next summer to eat gelojoh until puas puas.
    ok, got to go get coffee to start the day…

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