When I was driving out of my apartment unit this morning, I was temporarily caught in a mini jam. Apparently, lots of parents were at school because probably the year end semester exam is going on or something.

This is a regular scene, actually. Around 10-11 am, lots of parents will be standing outside the school, waiting to go in to the canteen during break time. They will be wiping sweats for their 7-12 years old children, bringing them foods, asking them the exam questions, bitching about how bad certain teachers are with other mothers, while never realising it is bad to bitch about teachers in front of their kids and etc.

I had been there, done that but thank God, I had managed to break from the shackles of kiasu parents because I am too lazy. Secondly, I am too selfish, I’d rather be home sleeping at 10 am. I also won’t sweat under the sun for the sake of my kid’s break time. Thirdly, I got better things to do, like laughing at people. Fourthly, my son would ignore and pretend he doesn’t know me because it is totally uncool to have mothers dotting over their sons.

But there are the parents whose life mission is to see that their children are protected, shielded, sheltered, covered, cocooned, defended (insert more similar words) from any hardship, whether it is hot day, dirty toilets, tasteless canteen foods, mosquitoes and etc.

This is what is described as raising a nation of wimps. I still remember a teacher scolded a standard four boy who was 11 years old when my eldest son was in the same class. This little boy is not little. He is a healthy, normal, strong boy with no mental or physical disability. The mom, who happened to be my ex-colleague whom I cannot stand, would carry her son’s school bag for him every single morning. The boy would lined up without his school bag. They would go up to their class and the mother would bring the bag to him.

One day, the teacher got so pissed, she asked him if he is a pondan. Bwahaha….it was the most wicked thing to do but damn…I was so shiok can die to see the mom kena dissed by the teacher.

Oh, the term, raising a nation of wimps is not from me. It is an article from Psychology Today. So, are you raising a wimp unintentionally, no matter how good the intention is?