Yesterday, in The Star, I read that there was a protest by a group of concerned citizen over the proposed wi-fi for Penang eventhough one of the tower is very near my home. Over at Malaysiakini, several people are either against or support this.

I am sitting on the fence eventhough I would love to see TMNet buried with their lousy Streamyx service. I have personally known a cancer patient who underwent radiotherapy who insisted that her throat hurts whenever there are mobile phone close by. She knew whenever I forget to switch off my mobile phone when I am in her room. Then, another woman discovered a hard lump near her spine and can no longer walk because of the tumor. She too insisted that she suspect it is the mobile phone’s fault as she usually place her mobile at her jeans back pocket when she was busy at her shop.

Having seen this, of course, I still have the selfish wish to get free wifi from anywhere in Penang as mobile and wifi are probably not the same. Eventhough the tower is near my home, I won’t get all excited and go out on the road to protest. I certainly will not jump to conclusion so fast.

Talking about The Star article, I do have something to bitch. One of the person who was interviewed by The Star was :

According to SJKC Shang Wu Parent-Teacher Association chairman Ong Bee Lay, there had been an increase in the number of students complaining of headaches and nose bleeds recently.

I was like, “Hai mm hai ah? Kum sai lek? Oo how siao boh?” I do not believe her. I mean, has she been collecting data of how many students have headaches and nosebleeds every single day for the last five or ten years? If it is only recently, these kids probably studied too much, have too little rest and were pressured by the kiasu parents to do well in UPSR.

So, nah ah, I don’t believe the ‘latah’ reactions. I shall just dum-di-di-dum wait for the project to takes off and then, I can give the middle finger to TMNet.

However, if you belong to the concerned citizens, kiasi group, you will want to read what CAP said on Malaysiakini.