Sponge cake baked by the professional chef wannabe. KDU professional chef course. RM30K for the diploma which takes 2 + years. First year college student. Thank God for PTPTN loan, the son can pay for his own college fees next time. Do you know that the PTPTN loan interest is very low? However, they approve only part of the amount.


Cake done. Cut into three pieces to make three layers.


No one wants to decorate. Including me. I am not born to decorate cakes. I only bake and eat cakes. Not doing frilly stuffs like piping the icing. So, #2 son attempted doing that because he is the most ‘yim chim’ of us all. I told him, “Control the piping bag like how you control your anus when you want to shit in a public toilet. You don’t want to make too much noise or drop too much shit into the water till it splashed up to your butt. So, you slowly slowly control…..Then only you can get even shapes.”

Everyone echoes : So clever to talk, you come do it yourself lah!


The cake is unsightly with uneven icing layer because we do not have a turn table and moreover, this is the first attempt mah. But it tastes really nice and the whole cake has been eaten. Burp.

Now, I can take a back seat in the kitchen already.