You think Pak Lah is really leaving? – Analyse the interview on Malaysiakini

Everyone is popping champagne that Pak Lah is leaving. I don’t understand why. I read through the interview on Malaysiakini and I read in between lines and I read unwritten words. Can’t blame me, I am a woman and a woman always do that, you know? And I don’t see any indication that Pak Lah is really leaving.

Looking at my magic globe, I can foretell that we are going to see more mudslinging, more fork tongues, more peribahasa, more ‘menghina ini, menghina itu sandiwaras and more entertaining news each day.

Why do I say Pak Lah never really say he is leaving?

First, he said :

What do you feel about stepping down?

I feel alright, I feel alright. The party BN still leads, BN is still the party that forms the government and I believe this government will be able to remain strong until the next general election, whenever that may be and Insyaallah (God willing) we will win.

See? He never says, This country will remain strong under (name of next PM).

And here’s where there is a possibility that Pak Lah is going to contest for the UMNO president again :

If there are those who still want to nominate you (to defend the party post) despite your decision not to defend your post, would you accept it?

What can I do? If people want to do that I can’t stop them but I already informed them earlier on (about my decision).

Aha, this is where I like Pak Lah. He said so much without saying anything. He may not contest but surely there will be some diehard fans who nominate him.

If you think Pak Lah is going to handover the premiership to the most likely candidate, think again. Here’s what Pak Lah said :

Will you be stepping down as prime minister?

Well, at some point I have to hand over to my successor.

Who is your successor?

I hope it is Najib. Why do I say hope? Najib has to stand for Umno elections first. Once he wins the elections and becomes party president then we will discuss about it (the power transfer).

See? At some point. Not in March, not anything but at some point which can be like forever.

And oohlala, Pak Lah never say he will give the PM title on a silver platter.

People are going to fight, and we shall sit here and enjoy the show.

However, I still have faith in the “other option” and I shall wait it out…..

All the blogs on Malaysiakini seems so confident Pak Lah is leaving. I am not. Frankly, I don’t give a damn. I am writing a post because everybody wants to show off they are clever in political analysis. So, I also join lah. Bwahahaha….

19 thoughts on “You think Pak Lah is really leaving? – Analyse the interview on Malaysiakini

  1. Pak Lah stands, Najib fights for Deputy Presidency and loses. So, Pak Lah will have new Deputy (whom he probably emplaced). Then, he will go and hand over to the new Deputy (who will not be Najib). LOL! That’s what my toes are telling me.

  2. Aiyoh, I think he where got seh tak give up his position!

    Drama only. Later we will see some crocodile tears. Then he will say that the people want him to stay so much, so he stay lah. No he want to leave one, but people wont let him, still want him to stay.

    So whatodu? He is not leaving! …. and the drama continues….

  3. momo – Gimme a five! We know the old man inside out, better than wife #2 does, hor?

    pablo – Now Muhyiddin sings a new song pulak. Asking people to respect Pak Lah for having the balls to step down. Who was the one who asked Pak Lah to step down earlier? Doh…their sandiwara very interesting. And on TV3, Khir perli Khairy and Mukhriz that it is not people are sabotaged from meeting them but rather, people don’t want to meet Khairy and Mukhriz. Later these two pulak back stab Khir and in the end, semua koyak. Bwahahaha..shiok lah.

  4. joe – I still have faith DSAI will solve Pak Lah ‘to leave or not to leave’ problems. But we stick to the topic of UMNO mah…that one different episode lah.

  5. LOL!! You and I share the same view.

    He never gave a definite answer. It’s going to be an frustrating interesting time for us. šŸ˜

    Anyway, since saving $$$ to cope with recession, this “drama” on the news will have to do… šŸ˜‰

    I too am waiting for the other option…

  6. Lilian ah, when what we ‘predict’ comes true, we shall celebrate with a nice dinner.

    Maybe, our next job will be as a psychic ….. we can predict what is going to happen!

    Hahaha! Pi mai,pi mai tang tu only! I can oso write the script for this ‘drama’.

  7. It is going to be interesting. He is still the PM and that is different.

    This move will benefit DSAI.

  8. Remember people….we are talking to the king of hip hop…oopss sorry FLIP FLOP lah…….

    Pak Lah is like those dangerous white shark now……when threaten or going for the kill, very silent and discreet one…..then one bite telan you whole!

  9. Silly me! Took the news at face value. Worried about what’s going to happen to RPK and those in ISA when Najib succeeds him! Hysteria for a day. Weeping endures for a night, joy comes in the morning when I read yours and Haris’ analysis. Thanks!

  10. Our DPM does not exactly has a clean bill of health with regards to his political status. Any one of the skeletons in his closet (assuming that rumours are half truths) can drop out and sound a knell to his aspiration as PM of Malaysia Inc. Who else can continue to lead us except our very decent 1:20 million PakLah.

  11. That “C4” guy won’t be so easily dissuade.

    Don’t you ever forget that he still has a lot of “C4” in his closet !!

  12. Bwahaha you are also clever in your political analaysis what.

    It will be interesting to watch the Judas or Brutus when hell freezes

  13. i wont waste time on anything come out from flip flop mouth, not mentioning a muka tebal flop at tat

    2day 10 reasons to quite
    2molo 100 reasons to reverse
    mayb 1000 spetacles will fall on the floor
    guarantee 10000 inches thick malu-proof skin is on the face

  14. seriously, I hav lost all my enthusiasm ever since Anwar threw the mother of all wet blankets on us. (the take over business). I feel like a mouse in a cat’s paw. Toss here toss there..kannineh-leh!
    RPK is another Nelson Mendela in making!

  15. Ya… I’m also waiting for the “other option”. So, I do not bother if UMNO is going to break apart because of the fighting for No 1. Don’t even bother blogging it… XD

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