All I can say is WOW….to Malaysiakini revelation on the black-eye

Common people like us have no say in such court cases like the Anwar black-eyed. But after reading Malaysiakini, I can only go Wow….like dis oso can ah?

Here are some of the things that make us go Wow…

  • Investigating officer claimed he was defamed.  Meaning, in doing his job, he kena tarik masuk air and terus masuk court case
  • They tried to black out the case.  Meaning, the media was not supposed to tell us what is going on but the order was lifted later on.
  • The AG was accused of inserting “irrelevant and suspicious statements”.  Meaning, putting words into people’s mouth.
  • according to the news on Malaysiakini, there is even a Dr. Quack who is said to prepare quack report on the assault.
  • and of course, many other big names were involved but I’d rather not mention it here.
  • The most scary part is many of these people who were involved are still at the very top of the top, meaning they are in power still.
Don’t these things just make us so vulnerable?  It is like, if someone screwed up or stepped on the wrong toes, they will be at the mercies of these people.  And the only way out of all these is probably the Divine Being who will have to meddle into our dealings because without the Big Boss, I cannot imagine what will happen to the innocent victims. 
That’s when I believe prayers are powerful because it will move the conscience of those involved to reveal the truth without fear or favour.  In each of us, we have what is called conscience and it is a powerful invisible nagging feelings that drove us to do things.  Conscience is that little voice that speaks to us.  The Jiminy Cricket telling Pinnochio what is wrong and right.  And if you are a Christian, the Holy Spirit’s promptings.
So, can I insert here the weekly reflection prepared by our Parish Priest, Fr. Fabian for this week.  It is a weekly bulletin distributed to us for reading.  (but sadly, many people still go ‘Huh?’ when I talked about ‘Did you read what Fr. Fabian said about……)  As I said, it is a limited/private circulation for us parishioners of Cathedral of the Holy Spirit and I am sharing here on my personal blog as a personal sharing too.  


Politics and Faith are intrinsically linked. The underlying principle of good government is the creation and preservation of a just society. The word ‘just’ itself denotes what is morally right and proper. 

It is thus the Church’s obligation to participate in shaping the moral character of society. It is a requirement of our faith, a part of the mission given to us by Jesus Christ. Faith helps us see more clearly the truth about human life and dignity that we also understand through human reason.  As people of both faith and reason, Catholics are called to bring truth to political life and to practice Christ’s commandment to love one another. According to Pope Benedict XVI, “charity must animate the entire lives of the lay faithful and therefore also their political activity, lived as ‘social charity’” (Deus Caritas Est, no. 29).*

The Church equips its members to address political questions by helping them develop well-formed conscience. “Conscience is a judgment of reason whereby the human person recognizes the moral quality of a concrete act. . . . [Every person] is obliged to follow faithfully what he [or she] knows to be just and right” (Catechism of the Catholic Church, no. 1778). We Catholics have a lifelong obligation to form our conscience in accord with human reason, enlightened by the teaching of Christ as it comes to us through the Church. Thus Catholics must take every opportunity to learn all they can about political issues and Church teaching, so as to be both well-informed citizens and well-informed Catholics. *

The most pressing issue in our country right now is the existence of the Internal Security Act (ISA). The ISA gives total power to the government to arrest anyone without charge and to hold without trial. A person can be arrested for interrogation by the police for up to 60 days after which he can be detained for 2 years. The arrest order which is signed by the Home Minister can be extended indefinitely every 2 years.  This clearly violates human rights thereby derogating human dignity.

Scripture tells us that man is created in the image and likeness of God (Gen. 1:27) and therefore this gives him dignity and the “roots of human rights are to be found in the dignity of each human being” (Church in the Modern World no 27; Catechism of the Catholic Church no.1930). This constitutes the foundation of the Church’s social teachings which encompass every aspect of human life.

John Paul II’s encyclical letter Redemptor Hominis (1979, Mystery of Redemption and the Dignity of Man) upheld the primacy of persons over things and drew attention to the United Nation’s Declaration of Human Rights which states that a person is innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.

Therefore we must demand strenuously that the Malaysian government upholds the basic human right of “innocent until proven guilty” for those detained under the ISA.  The ISA overrules this basic right and is thus an unjust law and to oppose it is a matter of conscience.


* Adapted from The Challenge of Forming Consciences for Faithful Citizenship, USCCB

And Penang folks, tonight candlelight vigil in front of Dewan Sri Pinang at 9 pm.  Please come early because once they start at 9 pm, they have very limited time.  Bring your own torchlight in case candle is not your ‘thing’.


Back to my title, go to Malaysiakini for the full news.

11 thoughts on “All I can say is WOW….to Malaysiakini revelation on the black-eye

  1. We lawyers always have juicy tales and rumours flying around. Sometimes we wonder if they are fact or fiction. Time will tell. Nevertheless, God knows everything and woe be to those who disregard the conscience for they may hoodwink the public but not the almighty God.

  2. pablo – Lately, what is right, what is moral seems to be clouded by who is in power and who is not. And truth and justice take backseat to politics. Sigh…

  3. the ag should be made to walk backwards with his ball’s ties to a string and taken to the university he graduated from and from there to the school where he did his primary education and last but not the least to the place he came from. lack of evidence was his favourite theme. in the ag’s ancestral land if a top civil servant betrays the nation, he is stripped naked and his face is blacken and a stick is pushed in to his arse and made to walk the streets of the city asa warning to others the price they pay for hisbetrayal

  4. It’s not something of late. It has been rumoured to have mushroomed since the famous Dr. PM’s reign. But of course, it’s just a rumour. You are not supposed to believe it.

  5. i dont have a wevsite only my e- mail address——-want to say something in MT———-not a malaysian by the way ——ok?
    please advice

  6. It is good to ask one question the “Huh?” from the ignorant ones still continue. “What if one of your loved ones are caught by ISA?”

    “WHAT IF?”

  7. It’s totally absurd that neither Gani Patail nor Musa Hassan have been suspended while they are supposedly being investigated by the ACA for falsifying evidcence to incriminate Anwar in 1998. Anyway, how long does the ACA need to investigate those two? I could do it in two minutes – just ask them who promoted them to their present jobs – and why!

  8. Antares – Exactly! It is so frightening that they seem to do no wrong and continue to be in power.

    david – They will probably brushed it off with, “nay…we never talk politics, sure we won’t kena, why bother?”

    julian – I am sorry I can’t help you. You can write to MT, they have an email there, I am sure.

    pablo – Ya, rumours….. hehehe

    Hi&Lo – With the amount of injustice going on, even a blind man can see through them, huh?

    kolimac – I am tyring to picture that in my mind. LOL.

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