Perasan, shiok sendiri, angkat bakul sendiri or wattaheck

This is some personal rant and is not supposed to make sense, ok?

So, I was whining and ranting to someone, “yerrrrr….you know how suffocating it is or not?”

I went to this ‘certain place’ which is actually where ‘I belong’. But six years ago, when I turned to Christianity, I refused to set foot there because the first thing I heard was, “If you need funeral rites, the priest will not come to you or allow you to use the church.”

That was six years ago. So, being the *coughs* obedient Christian, I thought I shouldn’t harbour so much sensitivities for so long. I went to the ‘place’ a couple of times, incognito. Then, few nights ago, a neighbour invited me to go to a smallish do, where only the people from my territory attend. So, being the *coughs coughs* obedient Christian, I thought, “why not?”. After all, it is semangat kejiranan. Neighbourliness, ok? Thou shalt love thy neighbour as I have loved you kinda mantra.

And dang, I kena the same thing again. The person asked me where I normally go to. I told them I go to the mother church because I used to live in another area. So, she asked me, “You just recently moved here?”

I told her, “No. Actually many years already.”

She pressed on, “Then, you must come here. You know ah….the ‘father’ will not go to your house if let’s say you want a sacrament for the sick. And like me, my mother is ageing, so I better come here eventhough I used to go to another place because for funerals harrrr…..if we don’t come here, we cannot have the funeral mass here.”

And the scary part is they know my name! OMG, they kept me in their blacklist of ‘bad Christian’, I think. ‘Cos they have a list of names of the people staying in the area. When I said my name is Lilian, they immediately know my husband surname (cos I am supposed to carry his, tiu).

Anyway…back to my conversation with the someone. I told him, “Don’t want to give me funeral mass mah don’t give lor. Let’s see I die first or the priest die first nia. Cis, everytime I go only, sure cuss me with ‘you cannot use the church for funeral mass’. Cilaka, tak kan our current one will throw my body out of the building meh?” *makes mental note to butter up our three priests properly, just in case….*

I tell you lah, all these territorial stuffs really make me so, so constipated. Hampeh betul. So mah huan, I go call a sai kong and ‘ding ding ding, ammoh….orni…tofu’ and skali throw my body into the sea and feed the fishes. Jesus will deal with me, not the territory boundary. Grrrrr….


Actually hor, I started my title of this post but I terlajak out of topic because this BEC thingie really bothered me for days. So, yeah, a post which title does not belong to the post.

6 thoughts on “Perasan, shiok sendiri, angkat bakul sendiri or wattaheck

  1. Dnt worry,lillian.The choir will be in full attendance…we’ll give you a grand send off at HS.That is if we outlive you…haha!

  2. BEC was supposed to prepare us for the shortage of priests that will happen sooner or later. Like a bunch of laypeople who are supposed to help other Catholics in the immediate area. Somewhere along the way, folks missed the original intention n ended up becoming territorial n mean spirited… sigh! Forgive them Lillian. I like reading your faith blog because it is honest, direct and you write from the heart..
    I totally agree with you BEC is boring but the folks in my BEC were very loving n helpful during my father’s wake n funeral service a few years ago so boleh tahan lah.

  3. No shit! For ppl like me, anjua? Live in Bangcork, die in Bangcork ah? Throw me in the sea, dunno I can sesat and end up in Madagascar not hoh?

  4. Definitely agree that BECs are a confusing part of being a Catholic. We’re converts since 1997 but lived away from Pg. Relocated back here & attend HS now. Because the Church requested all parishioners to join BEC, hubby had to go HS office many times to ask which BEC we belonged to (we’re obedient, no?). Finally got an answer & have been participating in one (not regularly as with 3 little kids, sometimes precious time is better spent with the kids) since 2005. We’ve grown accustomed to our BEC group but as we’re due to shift house soon, will feel kinda lost if join new group. Why can’t we remain with the existing? Not that we’re unfriendly but I think a basic community is a place where we should feel comfortable in. Boundaries be d***ed (can I type this word?).

    I really enjoy your blogs – straightforward, honest, black is black, white is white & no two ways about it!

    I also enjoy your faith journey blog and can relate to it as up till now, can’t even say the rosary without referring to the steps. Sigh…….

  5. Aiyah, if they don’t take you, I kautim for you lah. Chopped you up, oven-bake you and crush you to powder then scatter you around Pulau Jerejak for free.

    Provided I don’t kick-the bucket before you lah. LOL *cabut*

  6. Ha.. u r right… Jesus will take care of u… not those earthlings…

    If they still no-hue u, tell them you will follow Deng Xiaopeng… spray the remains in heaven…, eh sorry u pray thru Jesus Christ, but spray ala-Deng, if they try to be funny!

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