All in a day’s eat

I didn’t go to the candlelight vigil because of the heavy rain and also the bucket of cold water at home. Cold water as in….”Aiyah…..raining so heavy, who will go lah…..come, we go eat crabs.”

So, Momo, you go or not ah? My loukong held me hostage with crabs and by the time I got home from dinner at Taman Free School flats hawker place, it was already 8.45 pm and my kids aren’t fed yet. So, I didn’t manage to go eventhough the rain stopped by then.

sweet sour chilly crab

I hate styrofoam. I personally feel they should be banned altogether because they are non-biodegradable and clogged up drains and rivers, causing floods and other environmental hazards. But you know our Government lah….tak mati, tak puas hati. Must wait for a lot of people mati baru they will move their butt a little bit.

cream puffs

My #1 son made the most awesome cream puffs today. I see he whack the choux paste so easy only. The students cannot use electric mixer and must use their muscles to whip the choux paste during exam. Very much like how primary school children aren’t supposed to use the calculator, hor? If you want, cream puff recipe is over here.

roast chicken with butter rice

Meanwhile, I roasted a huge chicken for lunch. I am getting terror-merror with roasting chicken. Brandy roasted chicken or teriyaki roasted chicken or dijon mustard roasted chicken or whatever roast chicken, I also tried them all before.

ban chean kueh

And of course, I also ate one very delicious brown sugar, peanuts and corn ban chean kueh today. If you wish more Penang food, head over to my

Burp….Have a good weekend to all!

6 thoughts on “All in a day’s eat

  1. Eh? why all pastries only ar?

    I thought it is like Stephen Chow’s ‘God of cookery’ kind of thing. Or like those ‘tai chow’.

  2. Tan Silly – Baru six months belajar, so mah learn basics lor. Got Japanese, French and lots more to learn lah. I copy the cooking skills from him, so I saved RM30K and also become expert when he finish, hor?

    Eh, in Penang hor, there is a cooking school for those whoare not qualified to masuk college. They teach people tai chow, char koay teow and hawker foods. Sounds like a good career lah. Later when recession hits, all cannot afford restaurant foods, go eat hawker.

  3. I thought Char Koay Teow hawker drive Mercedes Benz in Penang? Chinese say, ‘make money nobody know’.

  4. Wah!!!! you son now also terror-merror like you hor..
    Next time you also kalah liao..
    You should ask ur son to cook ala2 hotel foods for your family in the least can save money from going to eat at hotel

  5. *slurp*…. **Wipes saliva from mouth**

    ’nuff said… Food looks really good! Wow.. My mom won’t let me cook for her. She is afraid that I might “poison” her or something.. 😆

    But I think she’s afraid that I break her precious pots and pans.

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