Let’s guess why Shah Rukh Khan gets a datuk – not on Malaysiakini

Naked hot Shah Rukh Khan
Naked hot Shah Rukh Khan

(any auntie  want a fan and some minyak angin cap Kapak to remain un-pengsan after looking at the hot naked Shah Rukh Khan?)

Not sure why but there is no news on Shah Rukh Khan datukship on Malaysiakini. Instead, Malaysiakini hinted about a surprise in Parliament on Monday. I wonder what is it? That all the Barisan MPs will play musical chair and run over to the Opposition side? Anyway…let’s talk about the much talked about Datuk Shah Rukh Khan.


Everyone asked why he gets a Datukship. Datuk Wong Chun Wai said, “Datukship for Shah Rukh Khan? No joke!“. But MustafaKAnuar (that’s Prof. Mustafa) made me LOL till almost fall off chair with the reason – “he (Shah Rukh Khan) has provided, to use today’s popular parlance, the benchmark for ‘very good acting’, let alone dancing to the tune of the day.”.

However, if I may be allowed to make a guess, I think it is to make up for the tangkap basah they did to Shah Rukh Khan when he was in Malaysia. This is based on rumours which according to a lawyer, is a from a trusted source. He told us during the Islamisation Forum. He said when Shah Rukh Khan was down here in KL (at the Palace of Golden Horse, if I remember correctly), he was nicely tucked in to sleep. In the middle of the night, ‘they’ raided his room and found him committing something against our Malaysian law. Based on rumour (again) his wife is not a Muslim but he is. So, his act of being in the same room alone with another woman is against the law here. Rumour said he left in a huff.

So, now, we are handing him the olive branch.

Or, maybe Ali Ketam is a fan of Bollywood movies and he proposed for the Datukship. Whatever, we are certainly amused. Since I am not a Datin nor a Datuk, it doesn’t matter that the weight datukship has been diluted lately.


I got the balloon from Aliran. They came to my church to bring awareness about the ISA and why it should be abolished. Cute hor? BTW, there is going to be a candlelight vigil as follows (more details on Haris Ibrahim‘s blog) :

Venue: Padang in front of Amcorp Mall, next to A&W Restaurant, Petaling Jaya

Time: 8pm

Date: Sunday, 12th October, 2008

So, why do you think Shah Rukh Khan gets a datukship?

21 thoughts on “Let’s guess why Shah Rukh Khan gets a datuk – not on Malaysiakini

  1. Lilian, I have been thinking for the past half hour and still can’t find a good reason why SRK gets to be Latuk.

    Maybe, just maybe it’s due to the works of the so called ‘pillow ghost’, the chim tao kooi lah! I can’t think of anything else.Can you?

  2. Momo – Maybe they got some joint-venture to produce Bollywood movies here in Malaysia leh.? After all, like Prof. Mustafa said, we have a lot of good actors here mah. And then hor, if they ‘chap lap’ in BN liao, menggangur time mah can become actors lor.
    (translation : chap lap = tutup kedai, gulung tikar, closed shop)

  3. Only a brain dead can figure out why Shah Rukh Khan lapat latuk. And I am not brain dead and so are 99.9% of Melaka’s people.

    The CM of Melaka and Gan boon leong sure know why SRK lapat latuk.

  4. mayb bcos a lot of you ppl are aware of shahrukh..he certainly dont seen to need any in troduction here!! being som1 from an alien country isnt that a good enuff achievement?? 😉

  5. My God!!! They have made the royal honorary title (our own knighthood) so cheap! Oops… they just did it again… smearing mud into Bolehland’s reputation!

  6. Understand SR had done a film at Melaka in 2001. He did not attend the award ceremony, and someone is arranging to fly him over for a ceremony specially set for him.

    If filming in Melaka was the rationale or criterion, perhaps, he should be awarded in year 2001. How did it take such a long time?

    Nothing against SR, but the criteria??? Agreed SK is a very good actor. Then film awards would be most appropriate and ideal. Maybe a doctorate could be right. He could mostly like appreciate these awards better.

    Keys To Freedom (1988) was filmed at Penang Port. It included foreign celebrities like Jane Seymor, Omar Shariff, Nancy Kwan and many locals such as Malik Noor, Jacinta Lee, Maggie Loo and many others. All for datukship?

    Anna and the King (1999) was filmed at Ipoh and Penang. The cast was Jodie Foster, Chow Yun-Fatt, Bai Ling, Syed Alwi and others

    Both are Hollywood films; now where is Bolly???

    Not to miss out Jackie Chan who spent some RM12m flying friends over to Malaysia for his late father’s birthday celebration in a famed hotel at Kuala Lumpur some 2 years ago.

    Jackie had also done a film with Michelle Yeoh (also known as Michelle Khan) called Police Story 3: Supercop (1992) at Kuala Lumpur.

    In terms of fame Jane Seymour, Omar Shariff, Nancy Kwan, Malik Noor, Jacinta Lee, Maggie Loo, Jodie Foster, Chow Yun-Fatt,Bai Ling, Syed Alwi and Jackie Chan are all very well known figures in Malaysia, Hollywood and around the world. If you don’t believe ask for a worldwide SMS vote…

    Really, khan-nin-nia!

  7. Agree with Penang Tionghua about ‘Khan-nin-nia’ & about this kind of shitty crap. I have added some other movies shot in Malaysia and those should also be give titles! ha!Ha!
    Why can’t these lame brained Ministers or Tuns think of helping us dear Malaysian to relief our daily sufferings? They round up cows instead of illegals who is fast using up our fuel, rice, water, air….etc?
    These top people should just shut up if they got nothing else to talk about. It is high time they stopped giving all these kind of shitty titles!

  8. You ppl very very slow wan … they gib Latuk to SR becos he trianED them all BN goons to be good actor mah , like flip flop, lansing round coconut,how to use C4,cakap tak serupa bikin and for further listings go to > beeannchaplap.com.
    Gosh later throw a stone also can hit 10 Latuks !!!!!!!!!

  9. If SRK can awarded Datukship,I think better Trengganu King award Sammy Cheng,Ah Ngiu and Michael Wong Datukship ler coz they bring more ppl to Pulau Redang and alot of the ppl know how pretty is the place are but Malacca CM must be damn like SRK alot until award him this title.I dunno is that he know what is the Datukship are.

    Another Big Joke From Malaysia again.
    Old ppl said..u live until 80 yrs old,still have jokes to hear..

    Malaysia Boleh

  10. I am not sure about Shah Rukh Khan but scenes shot in Malaysia has definitely had an impact in India with hundreds of Indian tourists choosing India as their tourist destination They definitely know where KL is now and not a town in Singapore.

  11. btw, if shah rukh khan nina slept with his wife in the hotel room, what crime is he committing since that lady is his wife and irrespective if he was a muslim or not.. it is just like a muslim husband and wife staying in the same room same house.. unless shah rukh khan nina was screwing someone else…

    daim is playing his backside or vice versa and therefore he is getting his rightful datukship now…

  12. aiya… u ppl. there must be a valid reason la. u all see our CM, got a very-very long title out of donno which country, la. donno if the pple in that country did question his credibility?

  13. Jen – Valid reasons? Give me some? Our CM is different wor, he has a long string of ISA histories, defending the helpless and being wrongfully detained? Shah Rukh Khan got anything like that meh?

  14. Lilian is right, the CM had done away with his BEcon title, leaving only one title or degree ISA

  15. aduh…….jgn mara lah,bkn salah dia dah org nk bagi .ambik je lah,, la ni datuk kena lah belajar bahasa melaysia betul2nnti senang nak becakap ngan orang2 kt malaysia,ya datuk….

  16. I love Shah Rukh Khan because he is a naturel talent and worked very hard to became succesful in his career. He did not used any girl or any one to become succesful in his career like dirty and play boy akshay. Shah Rukh Khan is the one and the best actor bollywood has had so far.

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