Ahh…I have forgotten how good Sunday feels

I have forgotten what Sunday is since I stopped working 10 years ago. Life has mulched into one long holiday and there is no Sunday or Monday or any other day except one boring day after another. But since I started the voluntary work at the hospital, at least now I know what Monday is and going back to work means.

Since September, my choir practice has begun. We are preparing for Christmas which is like a long, long time away but nevertheless, we must practice very thoroughly. So, Sunday was the part where I got to get into the hot hot car at 11 am, in the scorching sun for choir practice. I don’t normally go to church on Sunday mornings like all good Christians do because I prefer to go on Saturday evenings, when the car and weather is less hot and the crowds are not so corny and Sunday-ish. Hahaha. Trust me, there is something freakish about the Sunday morning crowd at church. They are extra friendly, extra huggish and extra fakey in our Sunday’s best. (I can feel many Christians cussing me….shhh…it is bad to curse, you know?)

Anyway, I forgot there is no choir practice this morning. Got up at 11 am and rushed to the kitchen to eat curry mee and drink Nescafe gold and hope to be in church by 11.30 am for practice. Midway between gulping the fiery curry mee soup and hot Nescafe, I only remembered that there is no choir practice this Sunday.

So, whooopeee…I got the whole Sunday to myself. There is nothing like a rainy Sunday, with more Nescafe, french fries, Ngan Yin groundnuts (quality is bad now), Chickadee and Made of Honour. Sigh…Made of Honour with Patrick Demsey is soooooo romantic. If you have not watch it, go find it lah. It is a little bit like My Best Friend’s Wedding.

Now, I am going to Gurney and eat two Big Apple Donuts and have another cup of expresso and watch Disaster Movie (or something like that) at the cinema . All before Monday arrives. And I am going to sign up for an INTENSIVE COURSE ON DEVELOPMENTAL PSYCHOLOGY & SPIRITUAL GROWTH by Fr. IGNATIUS HUAN. (I copied this from my church bulletin so that’s why it is in capital letters). Not sure how I will fit in but I am going to do anything just to separate the Sundays from the rest of the days. That way my life won’t be mulched into one big boring, blurry day.

So, folks, appreciate your Sundays, ok?

11 thoughts on “Ahh…I have forgotten how good Sunday feels

  1. Sunday is a good day to rest and allow us to spend ‘quality’ time with the family. Oh, I’m dreaming after all, LOL…

  2. Hey Lilian, I attended the course you mentioned few years ago when I first stopped work. It was very stimulating and makes me feel like back to student days attending lectures. It also helped to fill the vacuum and emptiness and loss kind of feeling when I stopped from full time work. There were few of us full time mothers sitting in his class twice a week. And we had a thank you lunch for Fr IGNATIUS. Send my regards to him when you see him.

  3. domino – LOL, for the first time, I found out you are a female and not male. Hmmmm…must be thinking you are Dominic, I think. Glad to hear that you enjoyed the course. I am a little apprehensive at first cos I have never seen Fr Huan in person. Somemore hor, I sked topics like these can be boring mah. I asked around from my priest and also a few of the seminarians and they encouraged me.

    wuching – Same same lah…married people like dis hor? Bliss liao.

    Foong – Poor poor you.

    anakpenang – I went to Gurney and funny that the Big Apple here seem deserted even on a Sunday. No queue wor. Hmmm…economy bad?

  4. hi lilian, i’m starting to enjoy my sunday becoz i was “fire” by my uncle. haha…. poor me!!!

  5. 5 minutes to 12am…. then it is ‘Hello Monday. Goodbye Sunday.’

    Goodnite Moon. Goodnite Stars. Goodnite Noises. Goodnite Lilian. Goodnite Everyone. Have Sweet Dreams.

  6. Hi Lilian,
    Big Apple at Gurney no queue but at S.Prai City Mall (Bandar Perda)still long queue. Funny ! maybe peoples taste change after all big apples donut not much different than the real NUT cracker of desperate food. Economy not bad at all here in Malaysia as Our DSNajib said….Finance Minister of the great to be PM soon.
    Glad to read your comment on TSKoh on our out going PM as demo only but not cractic after applying ISA rules.

  7. To give you some “previews” of Fr Huan…… being a former teacher, he can be quite a serious elder, very much like a strict, no-nonsence type of disciplinarian in schools those days. He expects his students to be well behaved and disciplned in class; punctuality, attentiveness in class, respect for the teacher. Otherwise he is quite open and a very dedicated lecturer. Don’t worry-lah, I’m sure you have no problem to stay kwai kwai in class. Go in and enjoy and share what you learn in your blog.

    P/S: actually I attended two courses by Fr Huan in two consecutive years. The other one was also on Psychology. But I think the one you are going to attend is good for understanding children’s development. I also attended another course in Trinity Church opposite McD Green Lane on “Bringing up boys”. That was how I got myself occupied after leaving full time job. Haha…….

  8. Penangites are changing their lifestyle, no thanks to Bodowi and gang. We now have to make and eat our own doughnuts. When are we getting our petrol price reduced to RM1.92, ar Mr. Flip-flop PM?

  9. Like someone said, now is Maggi Time…all boh lui chiak d. Wait, Maggi also expensive d. Now eat what? Ubi Kayu again?

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