I have forgotten what Sunday is since I stopped working 10 years ago. Life has mulched into one long holiday and there is no Sunday or Monday or any other day except one boring day after another. But since I started the voluntary work at the hospital, at least now I know what Monday is and going back to work means.

Since September, my choir practice has begun. We are preparing for Christmas which is like a long, long time away but nevertheless, we must practice very thoroughly. So, Sunday was the part where I got to get into the hot hot car at 11 am, in the scorching sun for choir practice. I don’t normally go to church on Sunday mornings like all good Christians do because I prefer to go on Saturday evenings, when the car and weather is less hot and the crowds are not so corny and Sunday-ish. Hahaha. Trust me, there is something freakish about the Sunday morning crowd at church. They are extra friendly, extra huggish and extra fakey in our Sunday’s best. (I can feel many Christians cussing me….shhh…it is bad to curse, you know?)

Anyway, I forgot there is no choir practice this morning. Got up at 11 am and rushed to the kitchen to eat curry mee and drink Nescafe gold and hope to be in church by 11.30 am for practice. Midway between gulping the fiery curry mee soup and hot Nescafe, I only remembered that there is no choir practice this Sunday.

So, whooopeee…I got the whole Sunday to myself. There is nothing like a rainy Sunday, with more Nescafe, french fries, Ngan Yin groundnuts (quality is bad now), Chickadee and Made of Honour. Sigh…Made of Honour with Patrick Demsey is soooooo romantic. If you have not watch it, go find it lah. It is a little bit like My Best Friend’s Wedding.

Now, I am going to Gurney and eat two Big Apple Donuts and have another cup of expresso and watch Disaster Movie (or something like that) at the cinema . All before Monday arrives. And I am going to sign up for an INTENSIVE COURSE ON DEVELOPMENTAL PSYCHOLOGY & SPIRITUAL GROWTH by Fr. IGNATIUS HUAN. (I copied this from my church bulletin so that’s why it is in capital letters). Not sure how I will fit in but I am going to do anything just to separate the Sundays from the rest of the days. That way my life won’t be mulched into one big boring, blurry day.

So, folks, appreciate your Sundays, ok?