Bapa Demokrasi!?!?!?!?! – Koh Tsu Koon bestowed to Pak Lah on Malaysiakini

Actually, I want to put a different title on my post. Title that goes something like, “The dummies guide to ampu bodek” or “The idiots guide to por lam pah.” But I must think of SEO as well. If you do not know what is SEO, never mind, it is not important. I picked these quotes in Italics from Malaysiakini where Tan Sri Koh Tsu Koon suggested that Pak Lah should be given the title Bapa Demokrasi.

So, we know that all the previous Prime Ministers of Malaysia were given titles like “Bapa Kemerdekaan” which means Father of Independence or something like that to reflect the achievements they made during their tenure as Prime Ministers. To refresh our memories of the previous PMs, here is the list I stole from the net :

Tunku Abdul Rahman – Bapa Kemerdekaan : Membebaskan Malaya dari cengkaman penjajah.

Tun Abdul Razak – Bapa Pembangunan : Mengendalikan ketaksamaan ekonomi dan sosial.

Tun Hussein Onn – Bapa Perpaduan : Berjuang untuk mencapai perpaduan kaum

Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohammad – Bapa Pemodenan : Menjadikan Malaysia sebuah negara moden dan makmur.

Now, I do not want to be disrespectful to our senior and elderly Prime Minister. So, I won’t go into any funny remarks because he is still our Prime Minister and he still deserves to be praised, somewhat…I think………… errr…no ah? 😛

But for a person like Gerakan Chief Tan Sri Koh Tsu Koon to gush over him just after all these incidents, it is like telling us Gerakan Chief Tan Sri Koh Tsu Koon is biggest ampu bodek of all. (I know this statement is like saying, The sky is blue) I think Malaysia Book of Guinness Record must give our ex-Penang Chief Minister the title and let’s have a huge celebration for him. Everyone shower him with two eggs.

Tan Sri Koh Tsu Koon said, “He can be rightly called the ‘Father of Democracy’ for Malaysia,”

Tan Sri ah…I am but a lowly housewife but I think you are the most por lam pah man on earth. How could you say this when :

1) Pak Lah’s failure to settle the Ahmad Ismail issue at its early stage has caused the UMNO members to tear and step on your photo. If you don’t feel insulted, I don’t know what are you. You got back bone, Cantonese call ‘guat hei’ or not? On your behalf, I feel disgusted. Each time I drive past the mosque opposite Chung Ling (your alma mater), I will imaginary spit on Ahmad Ismail HUGE photo there on your behalf. Say thank you, please.

2) RPK, Teresa Kok and Tan Hoon Cheng were sent to ISA when Pak Lah was the PM and you still think he practised democracy? Please lah, Tan Sri Koh Tsu Koon, go find a dictionary and see the meaning of democracy. Democracy does not put innocent people into ISA detention without trial. Aiyor, buat malu orang Penang lah. Lembik-lembik flip-flop is not democracy. It is inefficiency, incompetency, lai si, si si, khi si, geek si, deficiency, and many other si except demokrasi! Ish!

3) Allowing the MCMC to block Malaysians from accessing Malaysia-Today is call democracy? I am so relieved that you are no longer a CM or minister. Otherwise, I wonder what kind of policies you will formulate in the name of your so-called democracy?

4) Allowing and throwing all kind of insults to the Hindraf members who visited him during the Raya Open house and eventually, getting the police to question them is call democracy? Democracy is tolerating and listening to them and their grouses. Not allow the lower rank ministers and other people to hurl abuses and then, claim Hindraf ‘menghina Islam’. Doh….

And Tan Sri Koh Tsu Koon further said, “In Najib, we have an intellectual, experienced and dynamic leader to build on the foundation Pak Lah has laid,” Yeah…right…..

So, ladies and gentlemen, if you have problems ampu-ing your bosses, go find Tan Sri Koh Tsu Koon for a lesson on ampu bodeking. He got a Doctorate in Ampubodeklogy.

Lastly, this is what Malaysiakini BM version said.

“Kita mesti bergerak ke setiap negeri dan bahagian. Kita mesti menemui sebanyak mungkin rakyat Malaysia. Kita mesti bergerak dan memberikan motivasi kepada diri kita sendiri. Lagi pun, parti kita dinamakan Parti Gerakan Rakyat Malaysia atau Parti Pergerakan Rakyat Malaysia. Nama itu mecerminkan parti ini sendiri,” tambah Koh.

And my reply – Nak menemui rakyat Malaysia? Saya rakyat Malaysia jugak tapi sori lah, brader, tak minat tengok muka hang. Gerak, gerak, gerak ke tepi sikit. “Siam chit pi”. (Hokkien : move aside)

If you want more serious views, read Lim Kit Siang‘s blog. Hey, I got almost the same point as the man himself, only more siao nia.

19 thoughts on “Bapa Demokrasi!?!?!?!?! – Koh Tsu Koon bestowed to Pak Lah on Malaysiakini

  1. 1. Two eggs just brought from the market
    2. Thank you
    3. Will write to Oxford, Mirriam Webster, Franklin, Wu-Ti (digital
    dictionary) and recommend that Ampubodeklogy be included.

  2. Understand from a friend that choo-kin in Chinese character means LP vein. Therefore, you could not blame the vein for functioning so well.

    Alas, it could be too late to have a new Senator, now LP is leaving the threshold.

    If anyone has nowhere or no place or no face to hide because of the creepy and goose-skin raising act, please hide in one’s own LP and not others because a wrong gesture would make the recipient appears castrated and Boh-LP.

    Could the new Chinese terms be put into the any English Dictionary? Do not want to be shanghaied anymore?

  3. Bapa lanun aka bapa pemiskinan also can be called bapa pemodenan, why be so hard on bapa lala and bapa mongolia?

  4. Tunku Abdul Rahman – Bapa Kemerdekaan : Membebaskan Malaya dari cengkaman penjajah.

    Tun Abdul Razak – Bapa Pembangunan : Mengendalikan ketaksamaan ekonomi dan sosial.

    Tun Hussein Onn – Bapa Perpaduan : Berjuang untuk mencapai perpaduan kaum

    Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohammad – Bapa Pemodenan : Menjadikan Malaysia sebuah negara moden dan makmur.

    Datuk Seri Abdullah Bawadi – Bapa Mertua Khairy!!!

    Lilian, u see the list, all the former PM are given a title of TUN
    I dont think Badawi deserve to have the TUN title.

  5. Shockingly wrong…I think it’s best to remember him as Pak Lah…the rest – I guess history will bestow what is rightful to Pak Lah. (hint – I am trying to be diplomatic) …. it could be worse…

  6. Ah Koon you got Triple DegreeS in Phor Lam Pah la.
    Ah Lian … I keep 4 eggs in the Chye Tu .. 2 for u , 2 for me … Just tell when waanna throw at this Boe Lam Pah ex CM . Ppl tear his photo and step also ken , no problem … still wannn to Phor lam Pah …
    PHTTTTTTUI , pai seh kat Penang Kia …&^%*)$#%
    P/S Can ask LGE to revoke his Penang adress in his MyKad (siah sueh Penang Lang)

  7. KTK is a disgrace to all Penangites. Where did this ‘Pendatang’ come from? Betui betui siah sui nia. If you boh LP, don’t go carry someone else shriveled LP.

  8. Then Dr.Khor should also get his own title :

    1) King of Por Lam Pah
    2) The Best Butt Kisser
    3) The Rajah of “Bong Thai Kiok”
    4) The Casanova of Ass Kissing

    Which one do you think best fits him?

  9. Huah you got the same wave length with the DAP chief leh. Can join the party liau………as for the two eggs, Thong – why bother to spend money to buy from market, I can spare u the rotten eggs in my bin.

  10. Lembik person cannot be a leader of a political party.

    Kao tow person cannot be a leader of a political party.

    Flip-flopping person cannot be a leader of a political party..

    so a pencuci kasut definitely cannot be a leader of a political party as well,

    KTK, please cermin cerminkan diri anda. Yang pasti, 4 points itu memang akan ditertera di hadapan anda.

  11. Maybe get the universities to withdraw all the degrees for presenting this Por LP image. Also the prefixes are too long and cumbersome for the head to bear. Hey! but the surname Tan could not be changed, wor.

  12. Domino

    Ok I will save it for my next meal. Will collect from you
    when Ah Lian organised the egg shower.

  13. First of all, that KTK is a reall dumb ass… He knows nuts and the only thing he knows is to sark up to other people’s nuts!

    2nd of all, Pak Lah shud be bestowed Bapa Kemerosotan Malaysia…

    And the next 1 to come, if by chance it is the person I dont wish for shud be Bapa Kemongoliaan!

  14. Why not Bapa Think Think?
    citation =
    think we have very strong economic fundamentals…
    think N will make a good pm
    think N will not be involved in A…
    think abt retirement
    think of pre-retirement reforms
    think many times
    think no more…

  15. Hey, that nut-head Boh-LP Vein can also bestow/confer titles?
    He is King or wat? Later, he would venture to confer sainthood.
    How could a beggar confer/bestow titles upon his towkay or LP?
    He must be sleeping like his towkay and woke up in hallucinations.

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