It’s only Monday…

Last night, I dreamt about this huge pothole on the road I was driving. The pothole is so big, a whole bus can go in. So, being the good citizen, I got down from my car and helped the workers to cover the pothole.

That left me totally tired when I woke up this morning. Got to do whatever I needed to do, came home and I took a nap. The nap lasted three hours and this time, I dreamt I was at some candlelight vigil and I was so busy running around, handling out things to the crowd. I woke up feeling even more tired.

Just now, we went to have a look at a penthouse apartment in Jelutong. Don’t let the word penthouse fooled you. It is a very big place with five bedrooms, four toilets and nicely furnished. Before we went, we prayed, “Lord, if the place is good for us, give us signs.” Indirectly, we are also saying, “Lord, if the place sucks, show us.”

Such a pity because the unit is really nice. But it is on the 23rd floor and by the time I got out from the lift, I felt my knees weak, the floor uneven and I get goosebumps when my little boy walked the corridor eventhough the height of the wall is higher than him. So, no way am I going to stay on a 23rd floor apartment because I will die of stress and fears of height. Oh ya, the name is penthouse but it is more like a high class low cost flats. No wonder it costs only $300K.

Sigh…why do I keep labouring and working in my dreams? Why can’t I dream of some nice, sweet dreams like being on a Swiss Alps with my dreamy, handsome, filthy rich, blonde hair, blue eyes old man instead?

Maybe before I go to sleep tonight I should watch a few rounds of ‘Made of Honour’ and hope I will dream of sking with a tycoon with loads of money who owns four castles for the four seasons. But knowing how I love to work and labour, I probably dream I am a ski butler working for deer valley ski rentals.

Then, tomorrow morning, I will wake up with aches all over my body again. Sigh…

7 thoughts on “It’s only Monday…

  1. Hi Lillian,

    Yes its only Monday and more never ending Mondays to come. lol

    More scary then your dream. People that call for press freedom wants to include false reporting, slander, hate, incite racial tension etc as part of the freedom.

    Freedom Of The Press, the way rockybru sees it.

    Hope to be able to meet up with you for this last candle light vigil at the Dewan Sri Pinang this coming Friday.

  2. hahaha! Lilian, what if you were to wake up, and your husband opened his eyes – and mata dia biru! The rest semua sama…terkejut tak?

    Iknow what you mean, its only monday and i am already tired.

  3. Lilian, planning to upgrade your place isit ? Penthouse where got low rise wan ? Which floor is your current apartment ? If you get out from the lift and walk straight to your unit (no need to look down mah!) you won’t even realise you are so high up. I am staying on 13th floor of a 27 floor block. The higher floors supposed to be more expensive too.

  4. Don’t buy penthouse. If the lifts break down, chialat!!!

    Why old man?? Tot you wanted toy boys only.

  5. Tan silly – Toy boy got mani, old man got money. So, you figure who is more important leh? Bwahahaa…*laffing at own joke*

    domino – In Penang, how to upgrade lah. All decent ones cost RM1K liao. I wanted to buy my neighbour’s unit and break the wall in between but cilaka they quoted RM20K more than my current unit and they sold off to other people. Now my apartment is getting crammed as the kids get bigger, taller and older.

    kak teh – Mata biru tak cukup, must be tycoon baru fits my dream guy. Hahaha.

    richard – I also don’t know wassup with those elitist so-po bloggers lah. I never like them, anyway. Hahaha, cos they too idealistic and live in their own world.

  6. well, as for me, red eyes, blue eyes or green eyes, castles or dog house, as long as i am with my family, i am home.

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