If you take a look at the news on our local papers, you will probably think that we have no news but those stupid elections. It is like our world has stopped revolving and we are all waiting for who get how many nominations, who get voted and all those irrelevant things.

This morning, I was so amused with this news on The Star.

Prepare to lose jobs in Singapore

SINGAPORE: The 300,000 Malay­sians employed in the island republic have been advised to gear up for retrenchment if the country continues to slide into a recession.

Human Resources Minister Datuk Dr S. Subramaniam said that although the technical recession experienced by Singapore has not yet translated into unemployment, it was better for Malaysians to be prepared.

“If there is unemployment due to a recession, our workers will be hit,” he told The Star here yesterday.

“They need to work on retraining and acquiring new skills to ensure they have jobs during such times.”

He said that Malaysians accounted for about 30% of the foreign workforce in Singapore.

Dr Subramaniam said that many of the Malaysian workers in Singapore were unskilled and employed in the manufacturing sector.

Asked about whether the ministry had a contingency plan for such a situation in Malaysia, he said that Malaysia would have excess job vacancies as work presently being done by foreigners could be offered to locals instead.

Note the sentence I bolded? Wuah….if we just look at the surface, it is like saying our country is doing so well, we will not suffer any economic downturn. We have plenty of jobs. Yeah….right….

I do not know about others but I think we are seriously fooled into thinking we are living in good times. There is no sign or indication of any looming recession where Malaysia is concerned. Our Finance Minister keeps telling us we are doing well. When we live in this bubble, it will burst and shit will hit the fans.

Question is, are you ready for that when shit hits the fan? Are we ready?

Out of topic a bit – Just this morning, when I was on my way to Mt. Miriam, I found a big group of men wearing JPA t-shirts outside my apartment unit. Yesterday noon, after just a short downpour, our monsoon drain threatened to overflow again. So, these JPA (jabatan pengairan something department or the department in charge of drainage system, I think) guys are probably here to investigate. There were two Land Rovers, many many officers in their office attire, big group of labourers in their JPA t-shirts and ALL OF THEM are lepaking under the trees, don’t know do what? Maybe some politicians from DAP are coming to investigate, take photos with the press and show us they are working? Dude, only one longkang is clogged, we certainly do not need 20-30 men to sit and observe, do we? We are paying for your gaji, you know?

So, yeah, Malaysia, stopped fooling us we are sheltered and protected from the recession.