According to Malaysiakini, MCMC has banned the live telecast of the two clowns who are supposed to hold a live debate on NTV7.

So, let’s all of us chorus….”Like we give a shit! Pthooey!” I’d rather spend the time digging my nose, cutting my toe nails, watch the grass grows or something.

(monkey photo I took just now)

However, having said that, I do wonder why MCMC refused to allow the live telecast? I suppose they are afraid the two clowns will raise race issues to be the Chinese heroes. Which means, why are UMNO allowed to use race and religion issues to be the jaguh kampung? It is kind of not fair, isn’t it?

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(i think my monkey photos are darn good hor?)

And to find out who are the two who were supposed to do the live debate, read Malaysiakini.