MCMC banned MCA debate – Malaysiakini. Like we care….doh

According to Malaysiakini, MCMC has banned the live telecast of the two clowns who are supposed to hold a live debate on NTV7.

So, let’s all of us chorus….”Like we give a shit! Pthooey!” I’d rather spend the time digging my nose, cutting my toe nails, watch the grass grows or something.

(monkey photo I took just now)

However, having said that, I do wonder why MCMC refused to allow the live telecast? I suppose they are afraid the two clowns will raise race issues to be the Chinese heroes. Which means, why are UMNO allowed to use race and religion issues to be the jaguh kampung? It is kind of not fair, isn’t it?

Please read my old post on “Is Malaysia lacking Chinese Ahpeks?”

(i think my monkey photos are darn good hor?)

And to find out who are the two who were supposed to do the live debate, read Malaysiakini.

12 thoughts on “MCMC banned MCA debate – Malaysiakini. Like we care….doh

  1. mcmc … not boey cee boey cee meh?

    the same agency that banned malaysia today and then disbanned it before rpk got arrested?

    oy … same ol same ol bolehland thing la.

    i am still awaiting the “bolehnew(tm” thing to emerge from all these.

  2. Actually I care!

    I just wonder if it’s a strategy to make sure that someone else’s brother can win by shielding the other 2 candidates voices…

    That someone else’s brother together with that new Malaysia Chinese Ahsoh are 2 of the most hated politician by me leh… hehe

  3. Hehe, is the monkey eating your left over bread edges ? So, that’s one of the things you can do with left over bread edges………

  4. hmmm…the 2nd pic looks suspiciously like no, cannot be..but..but, so so uncanny..that pose..

  5. can’t u all see the reasons.both of them may be so hot and carried away and every shits and dirts will be hurled and exposed and the party is doomed and especially not good for beeN too.
    OTK!regarding false news u claimed about the properties u owned.i would suggest that bsides the police report, u also declare a challenge that,if they could prooved the allegations are true,u would step down and resign from all positions in the govn.other than that all waste time and pls don’t swear.

  6. I care, just wanna see the has been git wallop by the other guy, not that it really matters, just fancy seeing dog eating dog.

    has been guy can’t speak proper Manadarin without the oranges.


  7. TanSilly – Mana ada bola to make noise lah. All kena how many times of ‘kalau tak suka, boleh keluar BN’ and yet, they gong-bin (thick skin) stick around and make excuses they do it for the sake of the nation and the Chinese race. PHOTTTHOOIII

  8. I bet if any of the Macai kena slapped in the face also they dun have ball to make noise lah. Ban live telecast only, lagi no ball lah.

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