Where my blog is concerned, there is no such bullshits as freedom of speech for my readers and blog commentors because it is MY DARN BLOG, OK? You want freedom of speech, you want democracy? Go find Pak Lah Bapak Demokasi. But when it is on my blog, I sieve through what I want to appear on the comments because I can. The power is in my hand. Bwahaha….

A blog is like a person’s home. I certainly don’t allow strangers to come in to my house and kutuk sesuka hati. You will be stupid to allow strangers to walk into your home and started scolding and criticising you, right? After all, I paid for this blog so it is mine and mine alone. It is not a public forum where people can throw mud as they like.

However, there are bloggers who want to be magnimous and allow all those shits. I notice this is especially so with so-po bloggers. What are so-po bloggers? Nay…those bunch of people who write about nothing but social politics? Like their writings can save the world? Of course, they are very important to this eco-system call blogosphere and maybe our country. But some of them are so over the top, they think they are the most suitable person to be the Prime Sinister of Malaysia. (read Shadowfox‘s post for an idea who I am talking about)

In real person, they are probably (and some of them really are) cold, unapproachable, broody and can I say, arrogant too? But on their blogs, they have this persona like, “I wept for the country” or “I will defend them (some strangers) with my own blood.” Chewah…so magnimous?

But then, they are bloggers just like me. So, who am I to say anything, right? Maybe, other people also cussed me under their breaths with the same thing. “Nay, that famous auntie blogger from Penang who is so famous, she is rumoured to get 30 movie tickets while poor, unknown, pathetic me get only 2?”

However, what I always find amusing is when these so-po bloggers stir up shits. They don’t need to say much but their adoring fans will go rabid. I just lurrrveeee how these people whose names are anons get their panties in a wad over issues. They will spew their opinions with quotes from Gandhi, Einstein, Churchill and etc like they are so pandai like that. They also get so dramatic, weepy, emo and just plain moronic, in my opinion.

The problem with allowing stupid comments to get through is people tend to stop reading what we said in our post and they started fighting like kids with other commentors. In the end, they lost the plot and even the blog owner also lost the plot because things will get really out of hands when we give morons free hand to spew opinions.

So, yeah, I love to laugh at how people simply tear a piece of blog post, chew, shit it out and then, smear the tahi on other blog commentors. It is just so hilarious.

You have been warned, there is no freedom of speech on The Obnoxious 5xmom’s blog. Freedom of speech only applies to me and me alone. And so-po bloggers ought to be more realistic and not just churning out political issues that have been recycled over and over the media. Be real a bit, tell us what you eat lah.