Comedy for the afternoon – Lim Kit Siang vs. Taiwan ‘holiday makers’

I found this so hilarious. So watch it. Got the Youtube clip from Lim Kit Siang‘s blog.

Excerpt from The Star:

“Is this what you learnt in Taiwan? Now, we know what you have learnt from Taiwan uncivil behaviour.”

He was referring to the constant brawls which occur in the Taiwan Parliament, where fights between MPs could result in chairs being thrown and members punching each other.

Tiong also objected when Lim claimed the trip had been funded by public money, saying that Lim was misleading the House.

Things got to a boil when Lim said Tiong was being a “samseng in the House, in Sarawak and in Taiwan”.

Tiong demanded an instant retraction of those words.

The situation deteriorated to a bout of name-calling, with Datuk Bung Mokhtar Radin (BN Kinabatangan) and Dr Puad Zakarshi (BN Batu Pahat) joining in to defend Tiong.

At one stage, Lim was heard calling Bung Mokhtar orang utan as “the orang utan are specific to Kinabatangan”.

Bung Mokhtar hit back by saying that Taiwan was progressive because “it did not have many babi hutan (wild boars) like him”.

I marvel at the way Lim Kit Siang ruffled the feathers or shall I say bulu-bulu of the others and yet, he is in control of the whole debate like a maestro.

P/S : I just came back from some psycho-spiritual course which is a six week long course. Wowzer……I don’t even know the title of the course yet. But it is basically based on Carl Jung and Sigmund Freud theories and blend with Christianity.

5 thoughts on “Comedy for the afternoon – Lim Kit Siang vs. Taiwan ‘holiday makers’

  1. i firmly believe these bunch of kids feel envious about how European school send their students on field trip internationally therefore now they want to have the feel of travelling in larger group of people; or simply the so-called Lawatan Sambil Belajar Menggunakan Duit Cukai Rakyat.

  2. hehe, lets me recall our good old memory of dis pula :

    “Do you not agree that the only one to determine whether a person will go to heaven or hell is God and not for us to determine,” asked Khairy.

    Lim, however, thundered back: “We are not talking of religion! This is an expression that those who murdered Altantuya should be punished to the full extent of the law! It’s not about going to heaven or hell.

    “If even this one cannot understand, what is the point of graduating from Oxford? This is a disgrace to the university,” he said, upon which the whole house again descended into chaos as both sides went back to shouting at each other

    malay version :
    “Saya menyebutkan mengenai kewajaran pembunuh Altantuya dihantar ke neraka atas kesalahan yang dilakukan bukannya mengenai menentukan hal syurga dan neraka.

    “Kalau ini pun tidak boleh difahami, tidak gunalah graduate daripada Oxford University tetapi masih tidak boleh memahami isi kandungan perbincangan,” tegasnya sambil disambut sokongan ahli-ahli parlimen Pakatan rakyat lain

  3. I was watching the live parliamentary proceedings and it was all boring. Anwar was powerful as usual, but it was all facts and figures, Batu Pahat MP (first government reply) was also main facts and figures.

    But then when Kit Siang took the second opposition speech, within the first 5 minutes there was more action in the Dewan than in the past 10 hours. I sat there telling myself, this is why Kit Siang is a legend. His attacks against the government are so provocative and powerful.

    By the time the second sentence came out of his mouth, he had the Bintulu MP, Batu Pahat MP, and the Kinabatangan MP involved in a verbal smack down.

    Go uncle Kit!

  4. Richard – Yeah, just this afternoon, I ranted it on my faith blog. I dare not do it here cos I tend to spew expletives when I think of the double standards they applied to us. Look at how sensitive they are with Gerakan’s Tan Lian Hoe’s remark and yet, Ahmad got defended by Pak Lah. And see how they manage the Utusan issue and now, more and more claimed the piece of YB J is a piece of fiction and USA did the same before. I wish to tell them at least US is not made up of morons who threw molotov cocktails and they are not having racial and religious issue like us. Blardy hell, their double standards are so, so appalling.

    Victor – I really am amazed with how fast Kit Siang rebuke something and though his BM is not perfect, he still managed to struggle through with all the facts, statistics and numbers. Really, really admire him.

    lu – Ya, what would Parliament be without Lim Kit Siang hor?

    azhan – Did you see how Azmin perli them. So funny lah. Datang Gombak lah.

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