I found this so hilarious. So watch it. Got the Youtube clip from Lim Kit Siang‘s blog.

Excerpt from The Star:

“Is this what you learnt in Taiwan? Now, we know what you have learnt from Taiwan uncivil behaviour.”

He was referring to the constant brawls which occur in the Taiwan Parliament, where fights between MPs could result in chairs being thrown and members punching each other.

Tiong also objected when Lim claimed the trip had been funded by public money, saying that Lim was misleading the House.

Things got to a boil when Lim said Tiong was being a “samseng in the House, in Sarawak and in Taiwan”.

Tiong demanded an instant retraction of those words.

The situation deteriorated to a bout of name-calling, with Datuk Bung Mokhtar Radin (BN Kinabatangan) and Dr Puad Zakarshi (BN Batu Pahat) joining in to defend Tiong.

At one stage, Lim was heard calling Bung Mokhtar orang utan as “the orang utan are specific to Kinabatangan”.

Bung Mokhtar hit back by saying that Taiwan was progressive because “it did not have many babi hutan (wild boars) like him”.

I marvel at the way Lim Kit Siang ruffled the feathers or shall I say bulu-bulu of the others and yet, he is in control of the whole debate like a maestro.

P/S : I just came back from some psycho-spiritual course which is a six week long course. Wowzer……I don’t even know the title of the course yet. But it is basically based on Carl Jung and Sigmund Freud theories and blend with Christianity.