Yesterday evening, I went to the Botanical Gardens with my hubby and children. He took the kids to the river for a dip while I walked around the gardens with my camera. You can find some awesome photos (awesome according to me) on my faith blog. The Botanical Gardens is not very big and merely has a few paths. Yet, at one point, I couldn’t find where my hubby is because I couldn’t find the river!

If you have been to the Botanical Gardens, you will know how stupid I was to get lost in a tiny gardens with proper tar road. Lucky I didn’t venture into a forest path where the water lily pond is or I will probably never come back again.

Then, this morning, when I was supposed to go to College General, I drove straight to Mount Miriam Hospital. I am what you call a blind driver because when I get into the car, I do not know where I am heading. I merely drive and drive and drive.

I suspect I must have suffered some brain damage at birth because I cannot just say ‘left’ or ‘right’ spontaneously. I need to think, ok, if this side is left, then, the other side is right. After that, I can only tell you if it is right or left.

I am waiting for the day when my car can be fixed with a GPS plus auto drive whereby I do not need to drive anymore. I merely let my car drive me instead of me, sweating and getting panicky if I should turn at the first junction or second or is that left or right.

I think with the advance of technology, whereby GPS is so freely available and is Google Earth Compatible, I won’t be losing my way so often. GPS Tracking will saves me the embarrassment of arriving late because I will get my car to drive me there instead. My hubby too will not have to worry where I had ended up because he can track my location from our home computer. Cool, huh?

Oh, did I tell you that it is very easy to track spouses who tend to disappear on ‘overtime or business travel’ excuses? Of course, I am not advocating spying. But you know…..techology is there for you for the right purpose.