In my dreams…

What do I do on a rainy midnight with durian fragrance wafting through my windows? Dream of course. And curse my neighbour for tempting me with something I cannot have at this hour. Grrr….whoever buy durians at midnight huh?

5xmom for President
5xmom for President

Dream that I will be the president one day……Vote 5xmom.

Dream that I will be able to afford toyboys when I become president. Hey, I am a Chinese so my face is extra fair, ok?

If you want to have some fun, go to Photofunia. Just upload a photo of your face and there are plenty of templates to choose from.

Thanks to Hongkiat – Online Tips for Tech Users, Designers and Bloggers.

P/S : I do not know what they will do with the photos you uploaded. So, if your picture comes up in some hot Asian babes or Asian MILF sites, I am not responsible, wokay?

9 thoughts on “In my dreams…

  1. Undi-la 5x mom!! Undi-la untuk dia!!

    Kekekeke… Nice pics.. Sigh… To have that nice figure and wake up next to such a hottie…

    Durian season already-ka?

  2. at first i thought the pic of u running for president was a real thingy on a wall in Georgetown šŸ™‚ president of wat was the next question i asked myself šŸ™‚

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