Of car insurance, insurance adjuster and shady mechanics

I got a missed call this morning because I was taking a bath. So, I called back and told the other end that I got a call from them. The girl told me it is See ‘Em office. I went, “HUH?” I asked again and she replied, “CM’s office.” Well, I told her, never mind….because I was rushing to class. Ehem, so nice to be able to say, “I am going to class.” Feel like very intellectual like dat. Somemore hor, dun pway-pway, I am studying psychology, you know? But LOL, I have problem spelling phsycology still. See?

I told my hubby about the call and he said, “Huh, die liao. CM office instructs his tourism people to tell you to shut up and don’t post about the flood. Malu the state, all tourists run away.” Cheh….potong stim only.

Anyway, our two bikes were not able to start but lucky the mechanic came and after changing some parts and etc, they are working now. Good thing is we managed to carry one up to the staircase. The floor water went up to almost four rungs of the stair.

My two older sons also pushed the other bigger and newer bike to the school in the flood waters. They were actually enjoying the thrills of wading through murky waters at 2 am, bring the camera and captured some video as well.

The houses across my apartment suffered badly. Wardrobes, cabinets, sofas, huge plastic bags of damaged furnitures, clothes and etc etc were disposed by the roadside. The rubbish truck came and cleared them promptly.

However…..my Naza Ria which was damaged in the freak flood that happened on August 25th, 2008 is still in the workshop. Apparently, the stupid mechanic tampered with things, the adjuster approved only one FREAKING BEARING! and my hubby tiu-ed them to ninth heavens and threaten to make police report and sue them. While keeping the car rotting in the sun, the tinted film warped due to the moisture in the car and no one wants to bear the costs. More tiu-ing because our tint is not the cheap type. Sigh..so, it is almost two months already and the car is still in the workshop. (no, I am not quoting companies’ names because I don’t want them to send Ah Bengs and pour red paint on my car later on)

Both our cars are covered againsts Act of God, LOL and yet, we have so much problems. I pity my neighbours’ cars which are not. And if that car is their only mode of transport, even worse. Today, the mechanics must be laughing all the way to the bank because so many cars were damaged by the flood. This is the first time the flood waters go up so high. The last time was more than 10 years ago, before I moved to this area. So, all those who are new to this area probably never expect the flood and could only watch helplessly as they stood by their car and see the water seeping in.

Just now when I passed by my neighbour’s spanking new Honda Civic, I feel so glad I rang his door bell at midnight to alert him to shift his car last night. I was a little reluctant at first because it was past midnight and he probably had gone to sleep. *makes mental note to buy his car number and hope to strike Magnum*

The sky is gloomy again and I wonder if it will bring more floods. Like my #2 son said, the moon is high, so is the tide. Therefore, all the rain water could not flow to the river and out to sea fast enough.

6 thoughts on “Of car insurance, insurance adjuster and shady mechanics

  1. eh CM tiu you kah? cam tak percaya lah!

    these days, hot hot hot hot hot hot hot in the day and rain rain rain rain rain like mad at night. what God want to tell us this time? something is wrong somewhere in our state, i assume?

  2. azhan – HOI, tarak lah! It is a missed call lah. Most probably the CM’s office got some staffs to find out about the flood. Tak kan lah CM phone me, ish.

    We blame it on Pak Lah for slashing the allocations for the irrigation project lah. Muahahaha, semua pun blame Pak Lah.

  3. Hi 5xmom! Wow..flooded at ur place! My Gosh! And all ur vehicles hancur by the flood…better take care of ur one reliable car oh! Hope the water faster subside for u there. im sure will be very troublesome hor..well, u take care there oh..pray pray dun rain so heavily to make more flood..very cham! sighs!

  4. Lilian

    I called you lar. Call me back tomorrow. Nothing urgent – just wanted to see how your family is doing

  5. Lilian, it’s past midnight and it’s raining at my place.

    How’s the situation at your place? When did the flood subside?

    Like that susah for you and your neighbors… every time it rains, have to quick quick move vehicles etc…. cannot sleep in peace lah.

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