Updated 1.00 am with photos: OMG, at 1 am, the flood waters went up to the highest level we have ever seen. The ground floor apartment units which never flood now has flood water entering their units.

(my atm in his cap pagoda t-shirt and sarong watching the sons carry up one of our scooter. The other big bike k.o. liao cos the water rose really high.)

And those people who didn’t drive their cars to higher grounds (the school next door) are now in deep water. Poor chaps all have to stand in the flood water, watching helplessly as water enter their cars. Alarms are now blaring because the electric circuit konked out liao. It is like one crazy alarm fest.


Three sons pushing a Yamaha scooter up the staircase.


Imagine flood water as high as a bike!


My poor neighbours are all standing in the rain, don’t know what to do except watch their cars flooded.


And at 2 am, the water is still at this level…

penang flood oct 16 2008

Now, both our bikes also k.o. That means, we have one Naza Ria (damaged in previous flood and still in repair shop), one Yamaha scooter and one big bike (not sure what brand also hehehe) all damaged by flood. Bawls….my whole family now has only one car left.


Poor car is floating in the water.

Rained stopped at 3 am but water not receding yet.

Rain again at 3.15 am. Now, I wonder how the Form Three students are going to school for their PMR?

ORIGINAL POST from here. Posted at 12 midnight.

Midnight stroll in the rain. So pathetic, not romantic.

Our apartment flood alarm screams. But it has just rained! Like only one hour and the rain is not really heavy. Yet, we can see the water rising in the darkness. The road is now a drain. Hubby is having a flu so son #1 and the ‘thirsty for bloggable material mom’ went to drive our car to higher grounds.

Meanwhile, son #3 is alerting the immediate neighbours as the flood alarm is not audible with the noise of the pelting rain and our apartment unit is far from the guard house. The elevator has been shut down as rain water will enter the shaft shortly.

The hungry for adventure mom and son then walked down the slippery stair case. Trudge through the waters in the darkness to our car park.

And so begins another….”MR. CM!!!! Where are you? Your Air Putih constituency is again hit by flood. Please come and rescue me with your sampan!” And whatever happened to the Jabatan Pengairan dan Saluran who should have rectify whatever problems we have. This is definitely caused by some blocked monsoon drain.

Sigh….it is fun as it doesn’t involve me. But I pity my neighbours who live on landed properties. Their houses are flooded again.