Tonight’s candlelight vigil draws the biggest support. Rain cannot dampen the spirit. The people who turned up to support the call for the abolishment of ISA came from all Malaysians – Malays, Indians, Chinese and more.

penang high court - candle light vigil

I love this photo because the magnificent building behind is the high court. I love how the building glows in the darkness, giving us hope that we shall see justice one day. Otherwise, it is a mockery of the law when they build/restore the majestic building with huge white pillars and yet, failed the citizens in carrying out justice.

penang candlelight vigil

The people gathered around 9 pm but the rain came down quite heavily. People huddled under umbrellas, strangers making friends. No one is daunted by the rain. Instead, everyone lighted their candles, get the lyrics ready and are so spirited.

penang candlelight vigil

Why do these people brave the rain to be together? Many of us are strangers. Why do people go out of their way to take part in the candlelight vigil, week after week, for six weeks? Because I think we believe in the power of the people. We know that if more of us come together, we will make our voices heard and we shall see changes. Someday, we hope to leave a legacy to our future generation that, “Yes, mommy/daddy/grandma/grandpa/aunty/uncle/etc were there to fight for justice and freedom.”


These young people are not afraid to say what they want, do what they believe in and be part of the movement. Syabas!

penang candle light vigil

I am so touched to see this family consisting of mommy, daddy and a daughter about age 7-8 years old wearing Free RPK t-shirts. And the little girl went up to call for the release of RPK and No to ISA. The mom told me she reads my blog. Now I know it is AnakPenang, my blog reader.


The representative from Jemaah Islam Malaysia (hope I get it right?) was there and he said, in Islam, one must show proof before one charged the person guilty. He has everyone chanting “Mansuh ISA, Anti-ISA” in our loudest voices. Oh ya, we also did not forget Pak Lah. We also ucapkan “Selamat Hari Raya Pak Lah, Mansuhkan ISA.” Takut Pak Lah nanti merajuk kata kami biadap kan?


There are obviously a lot of video recording and cameras around. 😛 I think if you randomly take a photo of 20 people in a crowd, you will at least have one or two bloggers in that photo. The above in blue shirt, blue cap and spectacle is Anil Netto.

Aliran, Suaram and GMI were there with car stickers, t-shirts, free RPK t-shirts, badges and etc for sale. We can also send Deepavali card. I jotted down a card for Uthaya. I know my writing is ugly, ok? Damn nervous and don’t know what to write, ok?


So, overall, it is one of the most awesome gathering. We observe a minute of silence to remember the detainees and their families. I send my prayers to Jesus to continue keeping me spirited in doing what I am doing and at the same time, touch the hearts of more of His followers to do the Father’s will of taking care of our brothers and sisters, regardless of their faith or race. We are one.

I met up with a few bloggers too. Hi to Alex, Hi to Richard of Blood-Sucker (his post on the candlelight vigil) and Momo! Momo is the awarded the most dedicated candlelight vigil supporter.

On my way home, I went for dinner (or is it supper) at Jalan Johor. There is a fire along Jalan Dato Kramat and it looks like a tragedy with lots of police car, ambulance and fire engines. It rain really heavily and I hope no one is injured in the fire.

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