Whoever tells me my site is inaccessible;

Whoever tells me my site is slow;

Whoever tells me they keep seeing different theme;

Whoever tells me they don’t like my blog;

Whoever tells me their PC hang surfing my blog;

Whoever SMS me and asked if my blog also kena flooded (you know who you are!)

Whoever did this to me…

I shall bite your head off, knock your skull open, take a drinking straw and slurrrppp out your gray matters and then, throw the head into a pot and make witch soup for Halloween.

Lucky I got a reliable webhost to menangani perkara-perkara leceh ini. Now, I am going to sleep already and hope my webhost can help me to find out what’s wrong with my site. (this post was written last night but I couldn’t publish)

I got early morning class and won’t be back till afternoon. So, let’s see how many heads I can throw into the boiling pot of water and make witchcraft Halloween soup….

6 thoughts on “Whoever..

  1. The blog was having high server load, that’s why the page loading was a little slow but won’t make your browser hang lah. LoL…

    Heavy rain so every where also flooded. Now the culprit was identified and fixed and the blog is running fine as well.

    Now sure why duplicate entries here, will leave it to Lilian to delete the posts. šŸ™‚


  2. kak teh’s comment from duplicate posts….


    aiyoooh, so garang. Kak Teh takut oredi! But it is true lah Lilian. I clicked on yr blog, but it didnt open until i finished writing my entry for my blog. and to open the comment box took a few minutes as well. Now i better lari before you bite my head off.

  3. kak teh – Kahkahkah, acah acah aje. You run so fast, I tak larat catch you.

    bryan – I just got home. Glad it is working faster now. The two posts didn’t apper earlier so I publish 3x. šŸ˜›

  4. Who is soooo cruel to say your blog flooded by rain water!!!! He should be shot!!! LOL

  5. Sometimes I laugh at others’ folly, but sometimes it hurts so much that all I could do is sigh.

    In the case of flooding in Penang, I can only sigh.

    Penangites never learn.

    How big is the island? How many people can this island hold?

    We seems to think that we are smarter than God Himself. We keep on piling up tall buildings (apartments/condominiums) all over the island and push in more people.

    Meanwhile, all these constructions have, in many ways, altered the water flow so much, that rain water just can’t flow out ….. thus the flood !!

    In the ’60s, used to be that only lam chan nah area and counterhall area got flooded a lot. Nowadays? Almost everywhere …. Throw a stone in any direction and you can hear story of flooding.


    Don’t we ever learn?

    Penang is seriously overcrowded, and has much too many tall buildings that are blocking the water flow !

    Plus, we chopped off so many trees oredi and cover up so much earth surface with concrete and tar that the earth can’t retain water anymore !

    Padan muka on ourselves !!!

  6. Hai .. iya, u must keep away ur blog from any harm.. coz i really like to read ur blog, d other day, when i opened ur page my pc hang ooo.. huhu… reali sad to knw that some1 / somebody did that 2 u.. ( jealousy maybe ..) huhu…..

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