Whoever tells me my site is inaccessible;

Whoever tells me my site is slow;

Whoever tells me they keep seeing different theme;

Whoever tells me they don’t like my blog;

Whoever tells me their PC hang surfing my blog;

Whoever SMS me and asked if my blog also kena flooded (you know who you are!)

Whoever did this to me…

I shall bite your head off, knock your skull open, take a drinking straw and slurrrppp out your gray matters and then, throw the head into a pot and make witch soup for Halloween.

Lucky I got a reliable webhost to menangani perkara-perkara leceh ini. Now, I am going to sleep already and hope my webhost can help me to find out what’s wrong with my site. (this post was written last night but I couldn’t publish)

I got early morning class and won’t be back till afternoon. So, let’s see how many heads I can throw into the boiling pot of water and make witchcraft Halloween soup….