Lagi-lagi pasal ISA – Another woman detained under ISA (malaysiakini)

This is the latest news from Malaysiakini about the detention of Suaram woman activist.

Seorang aktivis hak asasi bersama Suara Rakyat Malaysia (Suaram) ditahan bawah Akta Keselamatan Dalam Negeri (ISA) malam ini.

Cheng Lee Whee, seorang sukarelawan wanita di sekretariat Suaram Johor Bahru ditahan menurut Seksyen 28 pada 10.45 malam tadi di balai polis Seri Alam.

It doesn’t make sense. Not at all. I had written about “Two sets of laws for two different groups” and I said :

There are many things that I cannot stand in life such as lies and double standard. And these are the things our ruling powers are shoving down our throats. Such blatant abuse of power where they apply laws not according to what law is supposed to be, but rather which group we belong to.

It is not only the detention that bothers me. It is how other people can get away with things and claim they are waxing some literature shits while others are easily labelled as ‘threat to national security’. In fact, what ‘we’ (and that means the dan lain-lain people) do is always a threat to everything from God to the earth worms but when ‘they’ do anything, they are heroes of their world and defender of God. I am pissed. Aren’t you?

12 thoughts on “Lagi-lagi pasal ISA – Another woman detained under ISA (malaysiakini)

  1. it’s very very very depressing lilian. it’s very hard for me to see a future for our coming generations in this country.

  2. Very difficult not to be pissed.

    I woke up this morning, and the first piece of news I read is this one. Gila lah the people up there with the power.

  3. Goodness is this the Malaysia we want to live in ?
    Just cant wait for next GE to kick their arses !

  4. Nothing surprises me any more with our flip flop PM. ISA used to be called Ikut Suka Aku. Now, it is termed Ikut Suka Abdullah…

  5. Plan to attend the anti-ISA gathering yesterday, especially when it was announced in my church but completely forgot about it. Blerk!

  6. I just read that she is detained because of making the police report. Now, they are slapping Section 28 which is spreading false information. Haih…

  7. They’re showing to the world that in malaysia, one is guilty until proven innocent. Arresting someone so that they can carry out “investigations”, this is an outright abuse of power.

    I hope the home minister can find peace of mind when he sleeps at night.

  8. Who is right, who is wrong? Looks like everything is reversed and dictated.

    Detention of such people means that the developer can do anything as they wish, as long as there is government backing them against mass of people, even if their act is unreasonable.

    Is this what we want to see?

  9. This is UMNO-law mah, their law, they say what is right and wrong. What “we” say is disturbing the peace and a threat to the country, that is what our kepala otak Albar standard BS loh.
    What more recently our soon to be out of a job PM claim that UMNO is not a bully, you can see what kind our leaders are in BN lah!
    Haiyah, what to do, complain already complain, sign petition also sign already, what more can the “rakyat” do to make these “orangutan” understand?

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