15 thoughts on “Remind self : October 23rd, 2004

  1. If you post a comment, please help to see if my commentluv and subscribe to comment plugins are working, please…

    If you do not know what I am talking about, never mind….

  2. Please tell me if you are getting my blog on RSS, please.

    Please tell me how soon you get it too.

    On my iGoogle reader, it takes hours to reach me.

  3. apa pun takda nampak!!!

    Anyway, who is the great blogger lah??? Penang Ah Lian ar? Bwahahaha!!!

  4. Wahh….nice new template! Got commentluv and subscribe to comments. No problem.
    Your birthday issit? Then: chok lei san yat fai lok, nin nin yau kam yat, sui sui yau kam chi…(forgot the rest of the phrase oledi but you get wat I mean)…

    Foong´s last blog post..What we did on a weekend…

  5. Very nice but what with the ‘X’???? X (wo)Men? X-Files?, X-rated? Undi-5xMom? LOL.

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