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Remind self : October 23rd, 2004

Important date.

Must not forget.

October 23rd, 2004.

A great blogger was born.


(this is just a test post ‘cos I have just added some plugins and need a new post to get some of them running.)

15 Responses to “Remind self : October 23rd, 2004”

  1. If you post a comment, please help to see if my commentluv and subscribe to comment plugins are working, please…

    If you do not know what I am talking about, never mind….

  2. Please tell me if you are getting my blog on RSS, please.

    Please tell me how soon you get it too.

    On my iGoogle reader, it takes hours to reach me.

  3. Hi, I didn’t see any commentluv or subscribe to comment plugins thingy…

    Using Firefox~

  4. apa pun takda nampak!!!

    Anyway, who is the great blogger lah??? Penang Ah Lian ar? Bwahahaha!!!

  5. Now can see liao… but no have commentluv… no love one… only subscribe to comment… XD

  6. Tarak commentluv, only got subscribe to comment.

  7. Bryan – I change template liao, now showing liao.

    Hope this template not funny bugs and kill the server again. LOL.

  8. Wahh….nice new template! Got commentluv and subscribe to comments. No problem.
    Your birthday issit? Then: chok lei san yat fai lok, nin nin yau kam yat, sui sui yau kam chi…(forgot the rest of the phrase oledi but you get wat I mean)…

    Foong´s last blog post..What we did on a weekend…

  9. foong – CHOY…I baru bird-day oni. That one is the blogger monster in me birthday.

  10. well done Lilian! Congratulation! Looking forward for more goodies!

    Big Boys Oven´s last blog post..

  11. Wah, really nice new template… 😉

    But hor, My RSS reader shown that you got only 2 comments in this entry… LOL

    Hoyohoyo´s last blog post..Sick and sick-related

  12. Very nice but what with the ‘X’???? X (wo)Men? X-Files?, X-rated? Undi-5xMom? LOL.

  13. Woii.. What happened to all the pink colour???!!!!!

    Angie Tan´s last blog post..Feel Good Friday – Loco Roco 2!!!

  14. Hweeyo, Lilian… terror cybersavvy lah you! I feel so conservative, hardly ever tukar anything in my blog except shift elements in my right column around! 🙂

    Antares´s last blog post..Aminah Describes Her Ordeal

  15. Great new template!