For the last few days, I have been spying at a certain ‘prominent blogger who self-elected himself to be the protem president of National Alliance of Bloggers (All-Blogs)’ blog. Of course, I don’t subscribe to the herd mentality and therefore, I have no part in any so-called bloggers group or bloggers gang. I am glad that I never help to promote that All-bollocks movement when it was launched. I like to be Mr. Incredible (the Pixar movie). “I work alone.” *gives nose a thumb up to show I am super lansi*

This so-po blogger has shifted wind so much, I can smell the change like how one can smell rotten belacan from miles away. First this blogger defended Utusan. Next, he bulat-bulat ‘daulat tuanku’. Now, he is defending the ‘bloodshed’ and ‘destroy’ manifesto and whitewash the person who is claimed to say it (say or not, makes no difference to us). (read SusanLoone‘s post, she expressed what I wanted to say but since I am not like her, based in Bangkok, I can only muttered under my breath)

I am sure his faithful followers must be disillusioned with his harimau tunjuk belang posts. Well, I am not. I always never believe a blogger 100%. Not even myself. Yes, RockyBru’s is just another blogger who blogs for his own interests and political ambition.