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For the last few days, I have been spying at a certain ‘prominent blogger who self-elected himself to be the protem president of National Alliance of Bloggers (All-Blogs)’ blog. Of course, I don’t subscribe to the herd mentality and therefore, I have no part in any so-called bloggers group or bloggers gang. I am glad that I never help to promote that All-bollocks movement when it was launched. I like to be Mr. Incredible (the Pixar movie). “I work alone.” *gives nose a thumb up to show I am super lansi*

This so-po blogger has shifted wind so much, I can smell the change like how one can smell rotten belacan from miles away. First this blogger defended Utusan. Next, he bulat-bulat ‘daulat tuanku’. Now, he is defending the ‘bloodshed’ and ‘destroy’ manifesto and whitewash the person who is claimed to say it (say or not, makes no difference to us). (read SusanLoone‘s post, she expressed what I wanted to say but since I am not like her, based in Bangkok, I can only muttered under my breath)

I am sure his faithful followers must be disillusioned with his harimau tunjuk belang posts. Well, I am not. I always never believe a blogger 100%. Not even myself. Yes, RockyBru’s is just another blogger who blogs for his own interests and political ambition.

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  1. Read Susan’s post on this. Well said and expressed. It’s eerie. All that is in the manifesto reflects the wishes of the old man and we can see the true colour of our next PM and an even more dominant tai-kor in Bee Ean.

  2. kew – Panas like hell wor. The weather crazy wan, when it is hot, so hot until I whole day headache. Then, thunderstorm, then hot sun comes out…

    domino – Today he said the manifesto not from him but his supporters. Does it matter ‘cos say or no say, we also know it is like that liao. And the way Rockybru becomes the voice for BN is sickening when he elected himself as the president of ALL bloggers in Malaysia wor.

  3. Sorry Lilian for off topic just now… the rain stop liau… crazy weather… oh wait.. it is starting to pick up again… really crazy….

    Regarding Rocky, I guess it is also the same for those MP who joins Parkatan to enable them to form the new government. Some may view this as sickening as well. Nevertheless, the motive of the change certainly is in question. Money? Oh, one more thing, one thing that the BN very pandai is self proclamation, remember, KL was self proclaim to be first world? well, I guess it is only natural for rocky to join them… same mentality…

  4. That fella is like lalang now, used to visit his blog sites but not lately, since early this year coz his tune sudah tukar, seem to have change color.
    Anyway, like your new look, very “posh” looking ah…ehh..Posh 5xmom ah?

  5. toolan – Did you visit the links Rocky provided? I am disgusted how Rocky could linked to someone’s post who is so racist, claiming the ‘extremist Chinese’ doctored the photo and hinting like there is something wrong with the Hindu faith. I mean, for someone like Rocky’s status, he should know not to encourage such posts, what more linked to them.

    kew – Masuk bakul, angkat sendiri. 😛

  6. pablo – You fast fast go see the blog post he linked to? Hentam fest on RPK and anyone else who reads MT. It is disgusting that Rocky promotes such posts.

  7. Well, this feller is the best paid cyber scum the in the Belaccan Nasional’s cyber armoury.

    He had lost my respect for him some time back, though I had said to myself everyone is entitled to his view, aspect, but of late his true colour is shining bright and loud, can be seen from miles away.

    I’ve decided I shalln’t be reading his blend of filth anymore, I’ve taken him off my favourite list.

    Reading his style of shit justice is no better than watching the main stream sewage flowing endlessly into bolehland.



  8. Hmmm…have not been doing much SoPo blog hopping recently and have never read rockywhatever….now I know it’s probably a blardy waste of time (though I know I am not supposed to trust you on that too…heheheh) but then too much on my plate nowadays so gonna use my time selectively.
    And yep, I absolutely agree…you can’t trust bloggers. We are nothing but a bunch of liars. The Pee Em said so.

  9. yayaya, the sudden daulat tuanku oso make me terpinga pinga dont know wtf he’s up to!! would like to hear what jeff ooi thinks about this good buddy of his.

  10. Yeah, after reading your post here, went in there for the 1st time(dunno after how many months) but “boh song”.
    He is a different Rocky now, so no connections with his article anymore lah, a hint of arrogant I sense, maybe after getting 1 million hit sudah tukar warna….
    But I like the article where Harris Ibrahim hentam him baik baik(on Rocky’s support to Utusan to set up a tabung to get money to go to court with YB Teresa)……bottom line Rocky sounds very UMNOism now….

  11. toolan – You go see how Rocky replied to Richard Loh’s comment. Rocky said something like Teresa Kok should not sue Utusan over the ‘slightest provocation’. Niamah, being put into ISA, threatened with molotov and Rocky said it is the slightest provocation.

  12. Yeah, I read that and that is why I say he sound very UMNOism now, he seem to see things from UMNO’s angle now… Ahmad Ismail and that dong dong retired UMNO minister who said YB Theresa should not complain about the food.
    That is why those remarks he posted, Harris Ibrahim hentam him back “kau kau” until he himself said will not cross Harris yet as Harris is his lawyer on the case together with Jeff Ooi.
    Wait till the day he gets a threat note and being called a “chibai”, in his case “lan ci-yau” and red paint at his door step, then he will understand how other’s who have been victimized feel.
    I no tiu his blog anymore, many others have also deserted his blog also.

  13. I’d stopped going to his site for news for more than a month now, when I had sensed him blowing in the wind. The last straw was his comment about Teresa Kok not suing Utusan under the guise of free speech.

    One can argue that under free speech, the opposition has gain huge political in roads not seen in the recent times.
    i.e. if bloggings fall under free speech, and bloggings lead to the 3/18, then bloggers responsible for the cause should be targets for scrutiny. They led to the collapse of the local governments.

    But the fundamental difference is that bloggers are different from media dailies, they do not have the same reach and impact, nor are they the cause of citizens or anyone for that matter to be hauled up and arrested under the ISA. The Media Dailies carries that responsibility.
    Hence, I support Teresa and everybody else who has any beef with any of the media dailies to sue the pants off for slander and inaccuracies. Sue the reporters and editors too. If you fan the flames of racism, you should get a chance to sit on a hot charcoal pot yourself and have your ass bbq’ed.

  14. Hye, nice website..i mean the changes.. ya blog is not a newspaper anyway, even newspaper we cannot trust 100% , only the bible we can trust 😉

  15. Trust No One, Never Trust A Blogger

    Very well said. I had sense something was wrong with rockybru after his posting regarding “bloggers on strike.”

    I posted a very long comment (after reading many comments that his style of writing had deviated from his earlier stance) but was not published.

    I fear more bloggers will follow his way, especially those from umno but was sideline by badawi administration and now they are seeing some light with najis coming into power. I guess you know who they are.

    Anyway trusting somebody is like trusting the food that you want to eat, sometimes you have to be careful on the food you eat as well,

    Regarding your suggestion at Haris blog about the ISA detainees photos, I had posted on my blog with names but just photo frame. You may want to have a look and comment or recommend further improvement.

    These Detainees Are Not Forgotten


    Richard Loh´s last blog post..These ISA Detainees Are Not Forgotten

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