Malaysiakini journalist versus no balls journalist

So, Malaysiakini journalist resigns over Najib ‘manifesto’. And Steven Gan immediately said,

Ketua pengarang Malaysiakini, Steven Gan said berkata, pihaknya kesal dengan insiden tersebut, sambil menambah bahawa laporan itu tidak sepatutnya disiarkan.

“Ia adalah salah pertimbangan yang serius dan kami menerima peletakan jawatannya,” kata Gan.

So, the issue is settled.

But….compare this to the no balls cerpen writer. He kept silent for days and days, allowing every parties including the terasa pedas Teresa Kok to claw on the issue. Finally, he said, ‘Cerpen tiada kaitan dengan Teresa’ on Malaysiakini and claimed it is a creative piece. Hoi! Next time don’t let people debate, argue, ber-forum over it until all hell break loose baru nak buka mulut tu lah!

If one is sincere, then, clear the situation early, issue an apology and we can all get on with life. However, we know how ‘they’ work. Like the Ahmad Ismail issue. He let his shits hit the fan, disappear, caused Pak Lah to make excuses for him, get DPM to apologise on his behalf and finally he said, he has been misquoted and finally Tan Hoon Cheng masuk ISA.

Meluatlah…It is the dragging feet till koyak rabak baru nak cari lubang keluar ikut pintu belakang type of ‘gentleman-ship’ that I cannot stand. Black say black, white say white, don’t become bisu until shit hits the fan.

DAP is organising a forum on the cerpen issue, details found on Malaysiakini, and you know what? I wish YB Lim Kit Siang will invite RockyBru and Chamil to be there.

7 thoughts on “Malaysiakini journalist versus no balls journalist

  1. shower – Since rock&roll is so totally defensive of Utusan mah, so go and defend them in front of the people lorrr….Debate head on and make his stand. Bwahaaha..

  2. RPK wrote some article, masuk ISA.

    That no balls journalist wrote death threats, nothing happened. Press freedom my ass lah!!! Tiu!!! Everyone knows this is bullshit lah!!!

    If Chamil is walking free, let RPK walk free too!!!

  3. That is why we read from Malaysiakini and not Utusan loh. One got balls and substance, the other one only know to “poh lam pah”……
    What am I really frustrated is no doubt “they” say it is not Najib’s direct stand but it is still his supporters stand, so who are the supporters that issued this statement. Why didn’t moron Albar or C4 get the police to use ISA on those supporters? Isn’t this a threat to the stability of the country(the usual BS used by Moron Albar). Hey, Najib claim that he is for all Malaysian and Lah Lah are friends to all non-bumi, so get ISA on those suckers to keep RPK company in Kamunting. Why all talk no action! KE CHIAK SAI lah all you moron YB’s!!!

  4. toolan – Yalor, the usual two set of laws for two different groups. They should also ask themselves, how come everyone also believe and never notice the claim is too far fetched leh? Hehehe.

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