October 23rd, 2004 is the day I penned down my first blog post on http://lilianchan.blogspot.com. Back then, there aren’t many people who blogged. And many people who blogged at that time probably gave up blogging, blog sparsely and only a few are still around.

And what have I learnt from four years of blogging:

1) I can make lots of money from blogging;
2) Making lots of money from blogging can get boring after a while;
3) I can make lots of enemies from blogging;
4) Making lots of enemies from blogging can be fun sometimes;
5) I can make lots of blog buddies from blogging;
6) Making lots of blog buddies from blogging can be boring sometimes;
7) It is good to adopt the ‘one night stand’ relationship with people you know through blogging, have fun, part our own ways and forget all about it later on;
8 ) When you pump your opinions and views consistently, people will somehow start to believe you;
9) The only way to remain a blogger for so many years is to stop caring;
10) Stop giving a rat ass about what others think of your blog post;
11) Don’t give a fark to critics, shut them up early and don’t give them leeway to haunt you;
12) Remember that whatever I posted on the internet stays forever because my blog sifu taught me that internet has permanent memory;
13) Never post anything that I might regret later;
14) I can see a transformation of my ownself through my blog posts;
15) My blog is the sublimation of my psychic energy (ahem, learnt this in psychology course);
16) I am my own best friend;
17) Always think twice before hitting the publish button. No wonder I have so many drafts on my dashboard;
18) I need to have very sharp memory and remember what I had written in the 3,000 + posts on this blog;
19) I need 100 extra lies to cover up one lie, so never lie.
20) White lies are easily disguised when written on a blog which I term ‘personal’;
21) So long as I can walk out and face people, I can continue blogging;
22) No one that is respectable ever look down on me by misjudging my character they found on my blog;
23) If my priest (and another priest) have no problems with how I portray myself as a struggling Catholic, I can tell the rest of those who condemn me with…”Oh, but I thought you are a Christian” to errm…ahhh…errrm…whatever….gth.
24) My blog is read by my sons’ friends, my siblings, my nephews and nieces and my church friends. (omg, including an ex-bf’s son!) And if I still express what I expressed , I guess I have done well.


And like they say, it ain’t finish till the fat lady sings….and tralalalala…I have survived four years as a blogger! Of course, there are lots of unsavoury things to write but I just deleted them off from the points. No point digging back the unpleasant parts, eh?

So, what is the most important thing I gained from blogging?

1) Definitely not the money eventhough I could easily put four sons through college with my online income made in the last one year plus; (just to give you a rough idea, not that they depended on my online income, ok?)

2) Definitely not the whole sham of this stupid blogosphere. They are not important to me. If one day, all of you readers and commentors choose to desert me, it is inconsequential.

What is most important is my sons get to keep a part of me here should I die or something. Something like I elope with some filthy rich tycoon from Switzerland who owns a chocolate factory. How many of your moms allow you to see her quirkiness, stupidity, dumbness, vulnerability, weakness and all that? I guess many women only want to appear as the mother and never the friend/person/individual. So, yeah, the best part of blogging is the fact that I can face myself with all its shortcomings. Through that, I know I am real. As real as how Jesus would want me to be.


So, happy four years old of blogging to me. May there be many more years to come. How many of you are ‘older bloggers’ than me? And can you envision blogging for as long as me?