Syed Hamid thinks he is Princess Diana – Malaysiakini

This is a Kleenex moment, so go get lots of kleenex to standby in case you laff till you cry. According to Malaysiakini, in an interview with our honourable Home Minister, he said :

Q&A: Home ministers all ‘candles in the wind’
S Pathmawathy | Oct 23, 08 3:50pm
Syed Hamid Albar explains why he and other home ministers before him are like candles in this second of a three-part interview with Malaysiakini.

If this is not delusional, I don’t know what is. It is like I say I am like Mother Teresa.

So, here’s the Candle In the Wind which Elton John dedicated to Princess Diana on her funeral. I still remember vividly this song when I watched it live on TV many, many years ago. May Princess Diana RIP and Marilyn Monroe rest in peace and please don’t haunt our minister for claiming to be a candle like both of you. In case you do not know, the original Candle in the wind was about Marilyn Monroe.

In another news on Malaysiakini, I read that “50,000 contract civil servants face the axe”. Whatever happened to the living in denial statements ‘we have plenty of jobs in Malaysia, our economy is strong, even if the whole world get into a recession, we are still ok….? If we are so strong, why need to use our EPF money to pour into that what-what Valuecap? (malaysiakini)

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  1. I think if you have a clown calling himself a candle, it is not funny anymore. But I’ll need that Kleenex for my….booohooohooo!!!

  2. When are these people going to stop insulting our intelligence? *shake head*

    Was in London when the late princess died. It was all over the news in the UK. Recalled watching the funeral live on TV.

    SkyJuice´s last blog post..Idyllic Islands Part VII

  3. EPF is now renamed CFBCC (Cashcow For Bailing-Out Crony Companies)…Tiu, there goes my coffin money. I hope whoever gets my coffin money will rot in NERAKA.

  4. anakpenang – I got lotsa money in EPF also ler…Gone were the days when the interest was 8%. I worked since 17 yrs old so kaya ledi, provided the gahmen never go bust, abusing my trust.

    bryan – The exact words my hubby said when I asked him what’s the RM5bil for. He said, “chi ha leh armnoooo lorr…ko u hamik ah? chuan mui si anneh eh, kui si lang…lu mm chai meh?”

    skyjuice – Perasan cukup perasan punya orang. Masuk bakul angkat sendiri. Membakar bagai lilin konon.

    domino – I only got six more years only can withdraw slowly liao. Hope the money is still there or else I must sleep on roadside.

  5. Maybe he so moved that he muttered the synonym after seeing so many candles vigil in the wind. Our ministers still say the darndest things. He should rename the Home Ministry to Candle Ministry or Ministry of Candles.Lol.

  6. ok !! Now the government use our money to invest the what what valuecap ..But make sure u guaranty our money is not burn.. i am sure the goment know that, this is our hard earned sweet and blood money.if u burn those money we go right to your house then you know ??also make sure the profit you make ,please return to us together with good interest or attract incentive not just 4 to 5.5% .If you pay that small amount then better touch our money,return to us.
    please don’t tell us that the goment make only small margin but then the extra huge profit goes to their individual fat pocket or by saying that the profit spend on here and there.By then some of KWSP members may curse goment till 3 generation…we, our children and grandchild,maybe grand grand child.So its better to think carefully..

  7. Cangkul tanah tanam benih,
    Tubuh tunas hati gembira,
    Puluh tahun nungu berbuah,
    Berkorbaan akhir dapat rasa,

    …… KWSP………….


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