This is a Kleenex moment, so go get lots of kleenex to standby in case you laff till you cry. According to Malaysiakini, in an interview with our honourable Home Minister, he said :

Q&A: Home ministers all ‘candles in the wind’
S Pathmawathy | Oct 23, 08 3:50pm
Syed Hamid Albar explains why he and other home ministers before him are like candles in this second of a three-part interview with Malaysiakini.

If this is not delusional, I don’t know what is. It is like I say I am like Mother Teresa.

So, here’s the Candle In the Wind which Elton John dedicated to Princess Diana on her funeral. I still remember vividly this song when I watched it live on TV many, many years ago. May Princess Diana RIP and Marilyn Monroe rest in peace and please don’t haunt our minister for claiming to be a candle like both of you. In case you do not know, the original Candle in the wind was about Marilyn Monroe.

In another news on Malaysiakini, I read that “50,000 contract civil servants face the axe”. Whatever happened to the living in denial statements ‘we have plenty of jobs in Malaysia, our economy is strong, even if the whole world get into a recession, we are still ok….? If we are so strong, why need to use our EPF money to pour into that what-what Valuecap? (malaysiakini)