It is comical to read Malaysiakini interview. He said he does not need our sympathy but asks for our understanding. Nay…that candle man?

I am still pissed with the news that the little girl went to spend a night in jail with her mom. I do not care if what the parents did is right or wrong. What our paranoid authority did is still wrong. What harm can 10 plus half an Indians do? Why need to detain all of them like they are criminals?

At the same time, our dear DPM and PM-in-waiting happily walked in a crowd of Indians in Little India. How is this different? It is the same, ok? They are all our Malaysian citizens, our brothers and sisters. So, yes, I am pissed, very pissed that we common citizens are always treated with two sets of laws. They catch 10 plus half an Indians which they claimed are breaking the law.

Actually, I blogged about the little girl on my personal blog but I feel I was a bit too pissed to publish it. So, I tone down, change tune and blogged about it at my faith blog instead.

So, our dear candle man (the kind that melts when heat applied to it, not the beacon of light, ok?) asked us to understand him and how hard it is for him to carry out his mission of saving poor, helpless, young, pretty journalist from harm. He asked us to understand how a 6 years old girl can be considered threat to national security. He wants us to see how Teresa Kok deserved ISA detention because other parties twisted her words.

Brader, sorry lah.

Simpati tadak, capati pun tadak.
Siapa nak caya sama sibadak
Yang cakap tak pakai otak
Pakai tembak mendadak

However, I do have sympathy for our candleman. I think he has been pwnd by the journalist from Malaysiakini instead.